Wednesday, January 19, 2011

20 Something Months of Charlie

I intended to do a 21 month update and never got to it. In fact, I realized I haven't really written much about what's going on with Charlie at all, which is kind of the point of the blog. He's at such a fascinating age, too. Bad blog slacker mommy.

It's getting to the point where I'm worried I'm going to miss writing something down and forget it. As a friend of mine said about her daughter, I wish I could bottle these moments. It's so true.

For instance: This morning I took Charlie to Romp n' Roll to play and then to Chick fil A for lunch. We were sitting there eating and all the sudden Charlie leaned towards me from his high chair and said "kiss" for the first time. I gave him a kiss and he smiled, said "kiss" again and ate a fry.

I mean, could you DIE??? It was so precious. He has such a loving heart in him. He also loves to hug. Sometimes this just means leaning his head towards his intended hugee, such as the poodles. Other times, Brad or I will find Charlie's little arms wrapped around both our legs as he says "Mommy" or "Dada."

There are other, more mundane, things I don't want to forget either. Like how he refuses to eat without a grown up fork (even for pizza - weird), how he'll stare intently for 20 minutes at his little hands when he gets stickers at the end of music class and that he loves to pretend he's drinking out of our Starbucks cups after they're empty.

We also have a favorite stuffed animal besides Odie the beanie baby deer. This is a dog with bean bag feet that's about as big as Charlie. It's pretty funny watching him haul this huge dog around. He's named the dog "Puppy", which I love because that was the name of Charlie's Aunt Clare's favorite stuffed animal as a child. That Puppy was a lot smaller.

In less charming developments, Charlie thinks it's hilarious when he toots. Laughs his head off and tries for a repeat performance. During these moments I realize Zoe and I are outnumbered around here.

Charlie's finally branched out to some new TV shows - in addition to the standby fave Zoboomafoo, he likes watching Thomas & Friends and Caillou. Sometimes we put the Goodnight Show on. I can't stand the Sunny Side Up show, though. I have this theory that the hosts are all wannabe MTV VJs that didn't make the audition cut.

Not a whole bunch has changed in the eating/drinking/sleeping arenas. No signs he's ready to potty train yet. No illnesses since the pneumonia scare in September. He got his 2 year molars already - over Christmas. He's getting tall - almost in 2T clothes already. Almost in size 7 (!) shoes. Shopping for him continues to be one of my favorite hobbies.
The last few months have been mostly about Charlie's vocabulary expanding and his little personality shining through. He picks up new words almost every day. And he's a mischievous little turkey. There can be one dangerous thing from 6 months ago you completely forgot about in an entire huge room and Charlie can zone in on it in no time.

We've seen a couple of 'terrible two' temper tantrums in the past month. The kind where refocusing his attention on something else to distract him is just not going to cut it. They're LOUD. But I'm sure they're typical. He's just trying to become his own little person. He's starting grabbing my hand and leading me to what he wants - usually in the kitchen. I think "cookie" might have been his first two syllable word.

The past few months have been so wonderful getting to stay home with him. While he can be a lot to keep up with (and keep alive), he's also a lot of fun to be around. Sometimes we just look at each other and giggle. Like we're fairly certain we're getting away with something sneaky just by getting to spend the week together.

I'm sure there's lots I'm forgetting. But I can hear "mommy mommy mommy" coming from the crib down the hall. Time to go get into more trouble!


Lindsay said...

Cute new pics!!!

Tracy said...

What a great post and cute pictures! I need to catch up on blogging since I haven't posted in three months! Keep the stories and pictures of Charlie coming. :)