Monday, December 13, 2010

Surprise Snow Day

This morning when Brad got up at dark o'clock to catch his flight, I got up too and looked out the window. I'm not sure why. But does anything we do that early in the morning make sense?

Everything looked a bit... white and frozen. I thought we were having a bad freeze and rushed downstairs to tell Brad to be very careful, because he would of course not do this on his own without me telling him seven times right as he's trying to get out the door.

I nearly gave him a heart attack since he thought I was still asleep. But then I noticed it was snowing. Hard. An unforecasted snow. The news channels must have been so disappointed. A missed opportunity for hours of 'Winter Weather Event' forecasting in the hours leading up to a whopping 2 inches of snow.

I went back to bed and we woke up later to this:
Charlie was too young last winter to make much of all the snow we got. He wasn't really walking very well until May. This was his first time to stomp around in it and stick his fingers in it. He seemed to really like it until he realized his fingers were very cold and he held them up for me to fix it.
Charlie got his toy rake from the garage and started trying to rake up the snow. He's devoted to a nice, neat yard, just like his father.

Later in the morning the roads just looked a bit wet and it wasn't snowing all that hard, so we went ahead and went to music class. Charlie wore his new snowman sweater. I got him a bunch of new sweaters and the coat he's wearing at the 'trendy' children's consignment shop, Clover,this past weekend. I felt a lot better about buying a seasonal sweater he can only wear a few weeks when it was eight bucks.

After music class we went to Chick fil A for lunch so our house cleaning service could finish up. They were so nice there! We went to the new location on Parham road. They got me a high chair, brought us our food to the table, gave us free refills and different employees came by to say hi to Charlie. Now I know how Angelina Jolie feels when she goes out for fast food.

And after that we got some more playing in the snow in before nap time. A long nap. Snow + chicken lunch = exhausting.
We had a pretty quiet weekend. Brad has an upper respiratory infection or maybe even bronchitis, so he spent a lot of the weekend trying to recover.

I spent the weekend cooking and torturing Brad with Christmas movies. We watched Christmas Vacation (hysterical), White Christmas (my favorite) and Fred Claus, which was terrible. I wanted to watch the Santa Clause instead, but Brad gave me a look that said don't press your luck. I think Tim Allen is hilarious in it.

Speaking of cooking, the next time you are craving potato skins, make these pierogis instead, they are HEAVENLY. This baked ziti recipe was also quite good, couldn't tell it was relatively healthy.

Also this weekend I got my hair cut and tried that Keratin hair treatment I blogged about a while back. I got it on a special at my salon so paid less then a third of what it usually cost. I'm glad about that because I don't think I like it. The treatment softens and straightens your hair so that even if you air dry it, it looks like you flat ironed your whole head. I have really fine hair and now it's kind of plastered to my head and very flat.

I'm disappointed because my friends here who get it done have a constant "just left the salon" look. But I don't think I have the right hair for it. I'm using some shampoo with sodium chloride in it, trying to get it to loosen up some. Fortunately my hair dries in no time and doesn't require product or styling. So if I'm washing every day, at least there's that. It really doesn't need it. I could go days without washing if I wasn't trying to get rid of it. Feels very clean and shiny. Just looks blah.

Anyways. Enough vanity. Some pics below of daredevil Charlie on his tricycle. He loves it and once he figures out how to move the pedals I don't think we'll ever get him off of it.

It was actually really cold out for the picture above. That's why Brad has shorts on. Workout shorts are all-weather apparel for Brad!

All of these pictures were of course with my phone. Sigh. Brad and I are not having a meeting of the minds of the camera situation. I want some immediate gratification with a point and shoot while we take the time to figure out an investment camera. He wants an SLR and sees no point in another point and shoot since I was so frustrated with the blurry pictures our last one took. OK, that's probably a good point. I feel like I need another college degree to figure an SLR out - it kind of intimidates me. But I should probably put on my big girl panties and at least try.

This week we're just getting ready for our big Christmas trip to Dallas and Little Rock! Takes quite a bit of strategery to get Charlie and I out of town. My sister Meredith and I are throwing my sister Megan a bridal shower next Saturday too, so I'm getting ready for that. More snow headed our way Thursday - hope our flight isn't delayed! Kind of sad to miss it. Snow is still a novelty to me.

Happy Monday everyone!


Lakshmy said...

Love the pictures of Charlie! I agree with Brad, go for the SLR :)

Hope you guys have a great time in Texas, I am keeping my fingers crossed for no snow and no delayed flights!

Katie said...

What an awesome trike!! Love the color.

DSLR ... here's a good starter (or any Rebel):

or there's always this one. :)

Love B&H.