Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pictureless Post

I still haven't found my camera, which is why there are no cute holiday Charlie photos to go with this post. I am also apparently the only blog writer on the planet who managed to miss Shutterfly's offer of 50 free cards if you post your card on your blog, so I'm not posting that either. You'll just have to watch your mailbox in heated anticipation. Since I haven't had a camera in over a month, you can probably guess you've already seen the photos!

Also, I sliced my finger open tonight, opening a FedEx box which didn't technically belong to me, so every word of this post kind of hurts. Or at least any word containing a D, C or E. But I am so devoted to you, blog readers (both of you) that I'll write this anyways.

The Fed Ex box that isn't technically mine: a package for the previous owners of our house from some hospital system. I've called and let the hospital know, but they keep showing up. I have to open it to get the number of who to call this year. Paring knife, meet middle finger.

I've been so busy lately, trying to get all of our Christmas shopping done since Brad has had to work a lot of overtime lately. I've done most of it online and I'm so optimistic that everything that arrives will completely meet my expectations and be the perfect gift. Delusions such as this are probably the only aspect of the holidays that aren't fattening.

I've also been working quite a bit lately. My hopefully soon to be former department loves to stack deadlines for year end, when nobody feels like working and a lot of people go ahead and take off for the rest of the year.

Yes, I'm still working part time from home during Charlie's naps and at night. It was supposed to be just a couple of months and now it's until year end and possibly longer. The money's been nice but it does cut in on the time I need to perfect the domestic arts. Actually it's just harder to get down time in, with taking care of Charlie and Brad out of town every week, but I do manage.

We just made plans to go to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans in early January! We're going with some friends and making a long weekend of it. Brad and I haven't had much time alone together in several months, so I'm really looking forward to it. Stay up late and sleep in for a few days - yippee! Charlie's going to go stay in Williamsburg and will probably talk non-stop while we're gone! And eat. And hassle their dog.

Charlie's become a little parrot lately. He repeats everything he hears and it's amazing to watch him pick up words so quickly. He also has this little demon voice he uses when something isn't going his way. He dropped his teddy grahams today and Ringo started eating them and Charlie said this growly NOOOOOOOOOO! Yeah, Ringo gave that about a half second of attention before he continued eating.

My parents sent Charlie a tricycle for Christmas and since he doesn't get the whole Christmas morning thing yet, we went ahead and gave it to him. He can't really move the pedals, but loves to sit on it or be pushed on it.

When we first gave it to him, he got so ticked at Brad whenever he would stop pushing him. They finally went out to the street to ride on it and Charlie took a spill and got a bump on his noggin. He finished crying and came back inside, played around on it and got a bump on the other side.

Doesn't matter, though - he LOVES this tricycle. It's his new perch to watch his favorite TV show, Zoboomafoo, on. He's gotten quite a bit of Zoboomafoo lately since I'm unsure what to do with him with it being so cold all the time. And motivation to leave the house all bundled up and mess with the car seat and wait for the car to warm up, etc., etc. - very low.

So yeah, that's what's going on around here. If you have this month's Cooking Light, I'm going to try the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Empanadas, the Fontina Polenta with Wild Mushrooms and the Bacon Pirogi thingy bopper. All mostly vegetarian-like. Brad will be thrilled. I better roast a chicken or something so he doesn't get the shakes.

Hoping to get a new camera soon. Brad wants a fancy pants one that will probably take a lifetime for me to figure out. I may get a cheapie that can take a beating on a walk or at the park with Charlie. But I need something quick! If you see Santa, let him know.

Oh and is it just my computer or is Cutest Blog on the Block not working for anyone? Very annoyed my cute santa blog background has gone missing.


Katie said...

Bummer about not finding your camera, but yay for a new one. I can help you figure out a fancy one (so long as it's a canon). One new lesson per week -- fancy new pictures with sparkling eyes. Your little man has the best eyes. I wish I lived closer so I could snap a few.

Bummer about cutting open your fingers, but yay for a fun kid-less trip. Sounds soooo lovely.

And, the santa background is there!

The Balog Family said...

I'd be so lost without my camera - I'm about ready to send you my point/shoot!!
Got your Christmas card today. Super cute!
And, no...Cutestblog background was so not working for me either.
Hope your week gets better and hope you find that camera soon...or at least get an awesome new one for Christmas (hint hint Bradford!!) :)