Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Is anyone else sick of eating? After several weeks of holiday celebrations and the rich food that goes along with them, I can't stomach it anymore. Pun intended. Since we got back from Texas/Arkansas, I can only handle bland food - oatmeal, bananas, toast, etc. I also don't feel like drinking wine. That almost NEVER happens.

I may also be a tad sick. I've been so exhausted since we got home two days ago. Can't seem to sleep enough. Charlie's almost back to normal on his schedule, so I'm hopeful we'll all be back on track tomorrow.

No big plans for New Year's Eve, mainly because it's so dang hard to find a babysitter. We're going to cook some dinner, open some wine (I'm trusting I'll be back to normal by Friday) and probably watch something on TV. Boring.

I remember a few years back this kind of NYE would have been unthinkable. Not spending a night packed into a crowded space paying tons of money for bad service and mediocre food?? Actually some of them were fun. A couple were REALLY fun. But you never actually end up where you plan to be at midnight, don't you think? We'll probably be in bed asleep this year, though the inevitable neighborhood fireworks make Zoe so jumpy and she barks a lot.

Saturday we're celebrating Christmas with my in-laws in Williamsburg, as well as MIL Sue's birthday, which is today! Happy Birthday Sue! They actually came to Richmond and went to dinner at Can Can Brasserie tonight, but our babysitter dilemma extends throughout the holidays, so we couldn't join in. I'm not sure what my stomach would have said to French food anyways. Can I get the LIGHT cassoulet?? No?

Sunday we leave for the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans!! Woohoo! We will have 3 nights to make up for our lame New Year's Eve and be able to sleep in to our hearts' content the next morning. It's going to be a blast. Assuming I can figure out what to pack.

I looked up the forecast tonight and it's going to be in the mid-50's while we're there. Brad replied that that's a tough temperature to pack for. Wha??? I guess it's somewhere in the no man's land of needing a coat and not needing one.

Anyways, that's what's up around here. Lots of blog posts to catch up on, including my sister's shower and our Arkansas Christmas, once I get copies of some of the pictures. Not to worry, though, we're about to order a new camera, too - yay!

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