Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Um, OK....

Charlie is so taken with his Aunt Meredith that he has started pointing to pictures of me around the house and saying MIMI! Tonight it was my bridal portrait.

He's also started crying out Zoe's name desperately every time we pass the drawing we have of her that hangs in the upstairs hallway. Makes for a very tiring trip to the nursery, as he lurches towards the pictures. There's one of Ringo, too, but he's so last week.

And yes, I realize the oddest thing about the above statement is that we have portraits of our dogs. They were a gift, ok?? From our realtor in Maryland, who is particularly dog obsessed. She also nicknamed Zoe 'The Princess."

Not much else going on. Charlie got new shoes in the mail today. Pediped had a half-off weekend sale so I bought him two pairs. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff in them. Ran all over the backyard chasing the poodles in his pajamas and new shoes.

I think my camera is really, truly gone. Brad has some Best Buy credit and said he'd get me another. Until then I'm going to try and remember how to use my old one. I just don't have enough brains left to be responsible for a credit-card sized camera I suppose.

That's all. I have to go back to work now. Bleck.

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