Monday, November 29, 2010

Uh Oh

I think Charlie might have chipped one of his front teeth. It's not a huge chip. And it really shouldn't be a huge surprise. He falls down all the time. But one of his front two teeth is kind of uneven and it has me wondering. Charlie must have a high pain tolerance. I don't recall any tears after any of his recent falls.

Maybe it's from the apples he now insists on eating whole. Big boys don't have their mommies slice their apples after all. Or maybe he bit a piece of corn in a tortilla chip. During the Arkansas game, when I was distracted making dinner, Meredith was on my computer and Brad was watching the game, Charlie managed to get the chips and do this:
The poodles were so pleased.

My sister left yesterday around lunch time and Charlie got sad when she left. There were even some tears! He sat on the front step, kind of amazed that she was actually leaving, saying BYE BYE Mimi! BYE BYE! Then when the car pulled out of the driveway, he got upset. Brad had to carry him back in the house.
Today has been so quiet around here with Meredith and Brad both gone. Charlie's been asking for both of them quite a bit and must have brought up Mimi at least 10 times after getting up from his nap.

He's also been doing this thing she taught him, to hold his hands out on either side of him and ask where something went. Where did it go? I've been asked that about 2 dozen times today. I'm not even sure what or who he's looking for most of the time!

After she left I launched into Christmas decorating mode. We are out of town for the holiday, but coming back on the 26th for the week and I want everything to be decorated. I love decorating this house at Christmas, makes it feel so cozy. People in Richmond put little lights that look like candles in their windows at Christmas. Looks so pretty from the street.

We decorated our fake tree and I went and picked up greenery for the mantel and wreaths for the doors. I also bought and potted a couple of small poinsettias for the table and three other houseplants for different parts of the house.

The signs at the nursery said that are supposed to help clean the air of toxins and are they are next to impossible to kill. One is a snake plant and I can't remember the names of the other two. Chinese Evergreen maybe? It's a trial run - if I don't kill them, I may branch out to other houseplants.

Other than my exciting new houseplants, it's back to the routine this week. I have book club on Wednesday. We read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. It was somewhat interesting and a quick and easy read.

When Meredith arrived she brought me Never Let Me Go, which I really enjoyed. Also a fairly quick read, but one that you kind of chew on for a few days afterwards. I'll probably try to rent the movie once it comes out on DVD.

Next up for me is The Glass Castle, which I forgot I had in my book boxes. We are so refined - not bookcases - cardboard boxes full of books in the attic. I really need to rectify that. Maybe if Brad wins his fantasy football league I'll get a bookcase. I typically get a cut from him when he places in exchange for tolerating him all season.

We're going to attempt to get a babysitter this weekend and maybe catch a movie. I want to take Brad to the Cinebistro that just opened near our house. I met my friend Karen there last week to see Harry Potter and we had a great time! The chairs are huge, comfy leather rockers and I had a glass of wine and we ordered some appetizers. Such a lovely way to watch a movie.

Harry Potter was awesome - the movies just get better and better. I think I felt that way about the books too. It's funny to think of them being children's movies at this point. The story is so dark by the end of the series that the film is kind of haunting and sad. I can't wait to see the next one and what they do with the very last scene.

So that's it for us around here. Time to get cracking on some online Christmas shopping!

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Meredith said...

Ok, my heart keeps breaking when I hear about Charlie asking for me! Love you both! Tell the little beast I will see him soon!