Thursday, November 18, 2010

OK Seriously, WHERE is my camera?

I'm starting to get really nervous I've actually lost my camera. It's making me panicky because every time Charlie does something cute, I think to myself EGAD, this isn't being documented!!! I'm very photo-high-strung these days, realizing how quickly the phases of babyhood/toddlerhood pass and knowing how bad I am at remembering to take pictures.

So all I have to offer are a bunch of lousy iPhone pictures, which were a lot better in quality when Charlie didn't move so much or so quickly. I'm about to start using my really old camera just to have something. At least it's digital.

Behold, fall color:

And here's Charlie watching the tae kwon do segment on Yo Gabba Gabba. I've already forgotten the little girl's name that does the segment, but Charlie was quite taken with her for a time.
Unfortunately for this Yo Gabba Gabba chick, Charlie has a new crush: my friend Leslie's daughter Tori. She's 12. Charlie likes older women. He watches her every move and follows her around like a devoted little puppy. She taught him how to say Zoe's name (Row-Ree) and now he thinks he's pretty hot stuff.

It's been a pretty typical week for us - gym class, music class, errands, walks around the block, a visit to the park. Brad gets home tomorrow and will be home until the Monday after Thanksgiving. He doesn't know it yet, but we're going to decorate the house for Christmas next weekend while my sister's here. His favorite part of any year. Forced family fun anyone??

Not much going on this weekend. I have a cough and really hope it goes away, as I have a very important Thanksgiving preemptive exercise strike planned for Saturday and Sunday. Spin class both days and Awesome Abs taught by the teacher whose ab exercises I can actually do (read: they're easy). And then the same again next weekend. Just beat the holiday cheer right out of myself!

I'm also starting to get some Christmas shopping done - though what would the holidays be without last minute gift-panic? We'll be in Dallas and Little Rock for Christmas this year. I'm glad Charlie is too young to realize what's going on so we can keep the gift thing simple and not have to ship everything all around. For him, it's just another day, albeit a day with a much cuter outfit on and more pictures than usual.

Ahhhh pictures... reminds me I can't find my camera!

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Katie said...

Have you found it? Or could it be... under the couch? Under the seats in the car? In a handbag that you aren't currently carrying? Is the place where you put things that are left on the counter? In the remote drawer/basket? Or -- have you hidden it so that you can get a new camera? If so -- that's genious and I plan to copy it!