Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving! Well, a little late. Ours was rather... memorable! As most events that involve Charlie end up being. It was also really busy, a lot of fun and we all ate too much. So, your typical American holiday.

We drove to see my in-laws in Williamsburg for the day, with my sister Meredith entertaining Charlie in the backseat. Starbucks was in order before we hit the road. Charlie seemed to really enjoy his. Fuel for the rest of the day.
Charlie spent most of the time before dinner playing out back. My father-in-law was grilling oysters (side note: YUM) and their dog Bennett was working on a peanut butter container. There were also leaves. So many leaves. And a hill, perfect for running down as fast as your 21 month old legs will carry you.
It was really cute watching Charlie run up and down the hill and roll around in the leaves. Right up to the point where he was so overexerted he threw up all over himself. Twice.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to pack extra pants. Unfortunately I didn't realize they were too big. They kept falling down over his little diapered butt and he looked like a toddler gangster.

Good news for Charlie: dogs don't care if you smell or your pants are too big.

It was so pretty outside and I had my sister's camera, so I was originally determined to get this year's Christmas card photo. Even before throwing up, though, Charlie didn't want to cooperate.

We also tried to get a picture of Charlie with Clare for their holiday card, but he wasn't having it. This is the closest we got. In hindsight we should have just posed the two them around the dog - Charlie might have cooperated then.
Right after Thanksgiving dinner Charlie went down for a nap and slept for a good 3 hours. I think it was all the rice dressing he ate - it was yummy. When he got up he was still tired and grouchy so we decided to get on the road and head home.

On the way home he was just inconsolable, so I suggested we pull over and get him a milkshake and grilled cheese at Sonic. If I hadn't been so stuffed from dinner I probably would have wanted some Sonic myself. I miss Sonic.

Anyways, that seemed to do the trick and a little while later we heard Charlie slurping the dregs of his milkshake. He played with the cup for a while and it was dark so Brad, Meredith and I just chatted for a while.

All of the sudden Charlie shouted YUCK! And Meredith replied "Oh my gosh!" .... Because she had just gotten pelted with Charlie's milkshake covered Ugg boot. Somehow he had gotten the shoe or his foot in the cup and the rest of the milkshake was soon all over the backseat.

That was a fun final 20 minutes home. When we got back to the house it was chaos trying to get everything cleaned up and Charlie in the bath. I asked Meredith to watch Charlie in the tub while I got the car seat cover in the wash. When I came back upstairs, she and Charlie were in the nursery and she had a really alarmed look on her face.

Apparently, on her watch, Charlie had a big, um, accident in the tub. I will never forget that panicked look on her face. Hilarious!

I would really like to forget, however, the state of the bathtub.

By that point in the evening, we were all really ready for Charlie to go to bed. Which he did, right before kickoff. :)

Meredith promised Charlie this morning to retell this story many times in his lifetime. In response, Charlie dumped about 50 crayons on the floor. Meredith is here until Sunday, during which time Charlie plans to keep impressing her with his feats of strength. Something tells me she's going to want a long nap when she gets home!


Katie said...

awesome story. I giggled out loud at the poop in the bathtub story. Perfect timing, too. Maybe he was more upset about the oversized pants than you guys originally thought. ;)

Megan said...

HAHAHAHAHHAAH That is amazing. Great job Aunt Mimi! Such a pooper trooper!

Kristen said...

I think that pic of him laughing in the leaves would me a most excellent Christmas card! So cute :)