Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Fall has arrived, and with it, really bad allergies. Brad spent most of the weekend feeling pretty crummy and I've been feeling kind of gross, too. Charlie's been congested and grouchy when he wakes up, like he's not getting good enough sleep.

This is a really long way of saying our big pumpkin festival plans for the weekend got the axe. Hopefully we can go another weekend before Halloween. After Halloween, you are hard pressed to find a pumpkin and it's time to start apple picking. Those are the rules.

After we decided we weren't feeling up to lines and crowds, we just went to this Farmer's Market style grocery store called Tom Leonard's, which has a tent full of pumpkins, mums and hay. We considered it a nice compromise between a quaint pumpkin festival in the country and the big cardboard bins in front of Walmart.

We got there right after it opened and they had tacky 90's hip hop playing in the tent. I felt a smidgen disappointed. Doesn't October have a soundtrack? Shouldn't they be playing that?

Charlie walked in and once he caught a few beats stopped dead in his tracks and started dancing. That's right Charlie, we came here to DANCE. Break it down kiddo.
They had all kinds of crazy pumpkins. We got one standard one and a couple unusual ones. And some cute teeny tiny ones for the mantle. They were so neat, though - I could have bought 20 and covered all 3 porches with them. It just felt wrong for the pumpkin tab to hit 3 digits, though.
And that was it. We walked around. Saw the singing Chuck E Cheese style animals inside, which scared Charlie and then went to brunch.

Later that night after Charlie went to bed we watched The Cove, which is a documentary about dolphin capture, selling and killing in Japan. It won the 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary. It was fascinating and heartbreaking. I think you should watch it. The most graphic coverage is in the last 10 or 15 minutes. I had to turn away for parts of it.

While I visited Sea World as a kid and was very taken with it (I wanted to be a marine biologist for a long time) I've had an issue with dolphins and whales in captivity lately. I can not give those companies my money anymore after seeing this film. No tanks, shows, swim with dolphin programs, etc. for Charlie. But maybe we can see some from afar one day after he's certified to scuba dive :).

Anyways, a sunny way to end a Sunday night! But how 'bout those Chilean miners??? I've been uncharacteristically glued to the news today. Good things happening on the news. I'll miss that when they move back to their regularly scheduled programming.

Good night!

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The Balog Family said...

I too have seen the Cove and it breaks my heart and makes me sick to my stomach any time I think of it. It is horrible what they do to such lovable trusting creatures and yet no one stops them! I'm with you...I'll have a hard time at Sea World now!!!
On a lighter note..hope you get to a pumpkin patch soon! We are heading to ours in Half Moon Bay next weekend. :) Happy Halloween!!