Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Over Italicized

I've been taking a lot of photos with my iPhone lately, so that's mostly been what's on the blog. Some of them, like the one above, turn out really well. Others, like some below, not so much. The good ones I don't even realize are good until either download them or hear from Brad that the picture I sent was so good and he showed everyone he works with.

I think it's a little sad that photos from my phone are sometimes better then those from my camera. Which OK, granted, might be user error. Cameras hate me. It's personal. Phones, however.... well, we're involved.
I also carry around my phone instead of my camera all day, so it gets to see more of the action. I try and MMS pictures to Brad during the work day so he can see what we're up to. And yes, there might also be that matter of my scrabble addiction. Between Lexulous and Words with Friends, I have lot of scrabble to get done during the day.
It rained a lot last week. I figured out at the tail end of the rain that it was a Tropical Storm. How did I figure this out?? Well, here's my secret: it was all over the news. I had to watch a whole minute of the news to figure it out. After that I was, what you would call, in the know.
After two mall playgrounds earlier in the week, we hit up this totally ghetto indoor bounce house land about 10 minutes from us. It's called Kangaroo Jac's and is Monkey Joe's shady younger brother who just got out of juvey. That's probably how I would describe most of the people who work there, too.

Charlie liked it fine but I felt like jumping in a giant vat of boiling disinfectant after. To quote Xtina: It was Dirrrrrrty. But we do love our race car games, so when it rains, we have to go visit them.
Charlie has a new TV show he'll tolerate during nebulizer treatments or when Mommy needs 15 minutes of sanity time/cook dinner time. I kind of hate how much TV he ends up watching these days, considering he used to watch next to none. But it is my only break of the day so it's a bit of a necessary evil.

Anyways, it's called Zoboomafoo. It's on PBS Kids. It features two brothers who are naturalists and lots of wild animal footage. Since Charlie is a budding naturalist, he seems to enjoy watching the animals. The music isn't as catchy, though, and you can't dance to it. But the brothers are significantly easier on the eyes then DJ Lance Rock. Real tall order there. Snort.

It became obvious to me today that Charlie's becoming very comfortable at the gym daycare. On Tuesdays he goes there after his gym class we do together. I came back from working out this morning and he was asleep. In a swing that is meant to hold a much smaller child. They said that all of the sudden he just laid down on the floor and went to sleep! Does that mean I've been going long enough and I'm in shape now? Oh, I kill me.

I had some white beans I'd soaked and needed to use, so I made this recipe tonight. I picked it because I already had the ingredients. That's a good reason to cook something, right? I don't know if it will be any good, but the house smells heavenly. You should come over and have some. But be warned - I smell like the 1/4 cup of garlic it required. Yes. Cup.

Book club is tomorrow night and I haven't finished the book. I'm about halfway done. It's been a decently interesting read, though I think I'm more excited about the Vietnamese food we're having at the meeting. I guess that says something about whether or not you should read it, huh? Depending on whether you feel as strongly as I do about good Vietnamese food, of course.

I'm never sure how to end these blog posts. So.... bye.


Katie said...

I can't believe the top two were taken with a phone! Most impressive. :) He has the best eyes and eye lashes. I soooo want to take his picture.

Amy said...

The recipe sounds delicious. I am going to try and make it tonight. I love garlic so I can't wait!