Monday, October 25, 2010

October Weekend

It was a gorgeous fall weekend. The leaves are changing and it feels great to be outside. Don't even think about leaving Charlie outside for a second though - he is FAST. He will be into something you didn't even consider before you can say "where did I leave my diet coke?".

Favorites include turning on the hose and getting water everywhere and digging through the pile of rocks behind the garage where the chipmunks live. The poodles spend hours out there trying to catch one. I'm just waiting for the day when we get to see a hawk swoop down and get one. And by "one" I mean a chipmunk, not a poodle.
Charlie's been saying so many funny things lately. He likes to knock things over and then slap his cheeks with his hands (Home Alone style) and dramatically say "OH NOOOO!!!". As in, Did you guys just SEE this huge accidental crisis that I of course have nothing to do with???

One notable OH NOOOO!: my neighbor and her mother in law dropped by and Charlie took the opportunity to unroll the rest of the toilet paper and put it in the toilet. And then get some out. And put some back in. Repeat that until discovered by Mommy. And the visitors. Mortifying!! And what did he say when discovered?? OH NOOOO!!!

When Charlie wakes up in the morning he now has an order of things he asks for: whichever parent doesn't come get him, then Bobo, then SHOW. Show is one of his two favorite TV programs: Yo Gabba Gabba and Zoboomafoo. He can manipulate any topic of conversation into discussing SHOW. Poor Zoe continues to get the shaft and is not requested in the morning. Or ever.

Charlie's favorite book right now is called Dogs and is full of pictures of dogs. He points out each one individually and says dog, like it's a totally new discovery. There are two pictures of a white standard poodle named Pascal in there that Charlie is certain is Bobo. Bobo is famous.
We finally said good bye to Elvis this weekend. He was sold to Carmax. It took us almost a year to get rid of him. We had all these grand plans of selling him for more money on Craig's list. Unfortunately, he kept breaking, as cars with over 100K miles tend to do if you don't keep up with the maintenance.

The guy at Carmax told us after a car reaches a certain age, it isn't even sold by them. They send it to auction. I was happy with how much we got; Brad looked displeased, like if it was this easy, we were for sure getting ripped off. After a year, I didn't care. Rip me off. Just get this car off my driveway. Miss you Elvis!!!
We went to see the Social Network this weekend. It was so enjoyable I really didn't care how true it was. I knew what Mark Zuckerberg looked like obviously, but decided to look up the other major characters in real life.

I discovered that whoever did the casting was pretty generous to just about everyone. And that's nice. I'd like to think if a movie was ever made about me, they'd be just as generous. It's a good policy.
Obviously this coming weekend is Halloween. I haven't paid much attention to Halloween for the past decade or two, but when you have a small child, there is no missing it. There are festivals and pumpkin picking and "Trunk or Treat" and parties. It's insane.

I've been working with Charlie to leave his monkey costume headpiece on his head, but have been failing miserably. He won't even leave it on long enough for me to get a picture. We have the candy walk at work and our play group's Halloween party as dry runs before the big day Sunday. I'm sure we could drum up another excuse to costume it up on Saturday.

On Halloween proper our neighbors are hosting a pre-trick or treat party before we all walk the neighborhood. This is a pretty fun place to live, especially on Halloween. Lots of candy for the kids and cocktails for the parents!

Well I'd better get some rest. Who knows what Charlie's got planned for tomorrow....

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