Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miami Girls Weekend

We had sooooo much fun in Miami. It is really beautiful there. Have you been? It was a lot more tropical then I was expecting - white sand, blue water, beautiful weather. We stayed in South Beach and were able to walk or take a short cab ride to just about everything we wanted to do. It was the perfect getaway.
I'm really lucky because my four best friends from college and I still get together for girls' weekends, more then 15 years after we first met. We talked a lot this weekend about past weekends and the places we've been, when the first trip was, etc. I think they started with each of our respective bachelorette parties and moved on to almost annual visits once we were scattered across the country.

It's gotten harder since babies came along, though, and this was our first trip in several years. Cookie has even moved to Switzerland and back since we all saw each other! So we were really excited to all get together and have some fun! And fun was had. Shenanigans. Ballyhoo. Etc. Etc. Mostly at a club called Mangos.
We ate awesome food (chorizo-stuffed fried olives anyone?), laid on the beach, shopped, went dancing and laughed our heads off. That was the best part - my cheeks hurt from all the smiling. Years of inside jokes rehashed and a few new quotes for the quote book.
After a lot of confusion trying to book a condo, we ended up at the Bentley hotel South Beach. Ocean view, right in the middle of everything and had the required 2 bathrooms. 5 girls in one room means a lot of getting ready at night.

And once you're ready, Megan will accessorize you. I realized this trip I either need to move near Megan or get some more belts. I'm presently running a belt deficit.

There was also a sweet roof top pool and a beach club on the beach that served ridiculously strong overpriced rum runners to your beach chairs. I think I've learned a lesson about ordering anything with a rum floater too early in the afternoon. That lesson is: definitely do it!
We were laughing throughout the weekend about how our trips have changed over the years. We don't have quite the stamina to party like we used to, though we had a very respectable showing Saturday night if I do say so myself! No matter how the trips evolve over the years, it will always mean so much to spend time with these friends who have known me so well for so many years.

We're already planning our next girls weekend for April 2011 in the Texas Hill Country. I miss these girls so much already that I can't wait for it to get here! Love you ladies and thank you again for a wonderful trip!


The Balog Family said...

Oh my...what a fun (and envious!!) weekend! Glad you had a great time...looks like so much fun!!!

Tracy said...

If you end up in the Texas Hill Country and have an extra day or two for Austin, let me know! It'd be great to see you again.