Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Paint a Sisal Rug

Alternate titles for this post:
  1. How NOT to Paint a Sisal Rug
  2. Not as Fun as it Sounds: The Spray Paint Edition
  3. Ways to go Insane through Home Craft Projects
  4. Nurturing Your Inner OCD
  5. What a Pain in the A**
I just finished painting our sisal runner from our entry way in a checkerboard pattern. I was trying to cover up some water and (ahem) other stains that had set on it.

I decided on a black and gold checkerboard, thinking that would cover what I needed to cover and be a neutral pattern. I dragged the runner out to the garage and marked the pattern with blue painter's tape.

I bought this special spray paint with a targeted nozzle on it. It seemed easier then taking a brush and getting in all the grooves of the sisal. I was also worried I wouldn't get a clean line with a traditional paint brush.

I'm not sure if my mistake was using the spray paint or in the execution, but the paint tended to drift some while I was spraying - even if there was very little wind outside.

Once absorbed by the fibers, the paint couldn't really be covered up by the other color. The drifting paint is even more obvious by its one straight edge from the painter's tape. The result is that it looks messy. I notice the imperfections every time I look at it. It's driving me batty.

It's kind of faint in the photo (because of course these were taken with my iPhone), but behold, drifted paint:
Now that it's in the entryway, I kind of hate it. the black looks too stark in there. The room is white walls and trim with grass cloth wallpaper that I almost pulled down when we moved in. I'm so glad I didn't - I so love that wallpaper now.
I have some gold framed art in there and a metallic mirror type thing. Oh and a cheap brushed nickel chandelier from the previous owners that I hate. I've wanted to pull it down and paint it something crazy like orangey red or bright green or something for a while.

Now I've gone and introduced black in there on the rug and I'm not sure how to tie it together. Why did I pick black? What was I thinking?? Probably tired. That was stupid. Now I want an ebony stained table in there or possibly a black light fixture. Or I scrap the stupid runner and begin the hunt again for something that will fit in there. Must be at least 3' x 10'.

So there you have it. I think the most gracious thing I can say about this project is that it was educational. You know, in a kind of "I'll never do THAT again" type way. And the most gracious thing I can say about the runner is that it now looks rustic. Rustic.

So there you have it. Learn from my mistakes people and don't leave natural fiber rugs laying around if your dogs are mad at you.