Sunday, October 31, 2010


Charlie seemed to have a fun Halloween night, but it went by so quickly! We left the house around 5:15 and were home getting him wound down for bed by 7:15. Someone needs to tell Charlie it's a marathon, not a sprint. Our neighbors dropped by for a visit around 8:30 so we didn't feel too lame sitting at home by 8. It was a whirlwind holiday before Charlie got pooped out.
So as you can see, I managed to get Charlie to wear the monkey hat long enough to get some photos. I was a picture snapping fool, trying to get a money shot before he got impatient with the hat. Luckily he was too distracted watching his da-da blow leaves off the driveway to notice he was wearing a hat he hated. After he had this realization, the monkey hat experience was over for the night.

Just for fun, I put some bright orange monkey socks from Crazy 8 on him with his costume. I love crazy socks. We should do more crazy socks. I'm going to put that on my to do list.
Our neighbors' party was incredible - I've decided she is Martha Stewart's secret niece. There was delicious chili in cute Halloween bowls, apple brandy cider, homemade mac and cheese, candles, tables and chairs set out, a flower arrangement of hydrangeas from her own yard... it was impressive. Everyone had a really nice time.
Our neighbor's son, Owen, was also a monkey and the two monkeys sat next to each other for dinner. Owen ate a good dinner and Charlie sucked on a dum dum in between taking bites of his hot dog. Ugh, so nasty.
After dinner we headed out to trick or treat. The neighborhood was covered in kids running around. A lot of our neighbors decorate and set up tables outside of their houses with candy. It's a nice way to walk around and meet people.

It was a crisp night, but not uncomfortably cold - no coats needed, but chilly enough not to get hot in the costumes. Fire pits were burning every few houses and there was a nice smell of firewood in the air.

Charlie really got into the trick or treating - I think from watching the "older" kids. The ones in our group were all of 4. But he was running around like a crazy man and tearing for the front door of whatever house we were in front of. He would up and drop his candy bag periodically and run off without it, so we started taking it away from him after he trick or treated - that really ticked him off.

He's too young to completely get the trick or treat concept, though. Brad took him up to the doors of most houses but I took him up once.... and he walked right into this man's house and started poking around. Checked out his kitchen, his den... eventually he was done and came back out. Fortunately this neighbor found it funny.

By the time we reached the end of the street and another party, it was clear Charlie had had enough. There were lots of fire pits out up and down the street and he was just staring at one, kind of dazed. Time to head back and go to bed.
It was a really nice Halloween as Halloweens go. I haven't lived anywhere that does up Halloween like this since I was kid in Austin and it brought back a lot of fun memories of running around with my friends, trick or treating. I hope Charlie has something like this every year.

Happy Halloween!

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