Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Pre-Party

Happy Halloween Weekend! One of my friends was asking when Halloween became a week long holiday. My answer: the minute you gave birth.

We ended up skipping our first Halloween event, the candy walk at work, because we had so much going on with Ringo getting sick. Charlie and I attended our play group's Halloween party on Friday and it was fun.

I took the very best chocolate chip cookies ever, from the Williams Sonoma Comfort Food cookbook that MIL Sue gave me for my birthday. I also took juice boxes for the kids, which I found out upon arrival the hostess didn't approve of. Sigh. Her very virtuous family only drinks water. There were many fellow heathens there though - there were no leftover boxes at the end of the party.

The main attraction was the resident 3 year old's electric car in the backyard that actually moved when you hit the accelerator. It also backed up. I'm still amazed nobody got hurt. The 2 year old set just doesn't understand the instruction not to go when another kid is standing right in front of the car.
Earlier in the week we went to Maymont, which is a park and psuedo-zoo. They have eagles, owls, foxes, goats, etc. The wild animals all have injuries that prevent them from being released back into the wild.

Charlie enthusiastically pointed at anything with four legs and shouted DOG! If the animal was clearly not a "dog", such as the owl, he yelled CAT! I have such high hopes for my naturalist son, but we obviously need a few more visits to Maymont.

What's funny is how sure he is of himself when he yells out about an animal. If I correct him, he looks at me skeptically.
Ringo got to come back home on Friday after we payed the staggering and gut wrenching vet bill. I mean, I love the dog, but MERCY. He's on a limited soft and low fat diet for the next month. That's been a real picnic to enforce since Zoe wants Ringo's food and he wants his old dry food that's out for Zoe and they both want whatever Charlie has or is on the counter. It's a losing battle.
Charlie's napping right now and I hope getting very well rested for some major party hopping and trick or treating. We now have four neighborhood parties to stop by and trick or treating.... if anyone is home. I'm probably just going to leave a bucket of candy out on the front porch. Once the first batch of teenagers comes by, it'll be gone.

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a Halloween scrooge. I don't like dressing up, we haven't carved a pumpkin in years and I rarely go out around Halloween. Tonight's outfit is about all I'm capable of - it's orange and black and I think I have an old witch's hat from a few years ago. I'm hoping to make up for it by eating way too much candy. :)

Will post some costume pics of Charlie in a little while - but he refuses to wear the hat and I have my doubts he will actually hold the banana, so he might not be a terribly convincing monkey!

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