Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Good and The Bad

The Good: We got some beautiful fall weather this week and the temperatures dropped after Tropical Storm Nicole passed

The Bad: Charlie has developed another cough and we're back on breathing treatments. He's cooperative when Mommy and Daddy rot his little brain with TV while he takes the treatment.

The Good: I hired a sitter and got out for almost all of Friday afternoon to get a pedicure, shop, get my Mac fixed and go to the gym.

The Bad: This was because Brad had to stay in Dallas for a corporate event and didn't get home until late Friday. A mitigating good: He's staying until Monday night to get more time with us

The Good: I got my hair cut and colored today so it doesn't look the train wreck it had disintegrated into before today. It's been clipped up for 3 weeks and I don't know how you'd describe the color. I think the cut is cute.

The Bad: Kara's unfortunately gone a tad goth again

The Good: It rained all week so our yard is ready to re-seed

The Bad: We now have to till and re-seed. And pray grass grows. But even the dirt looks better then the mound of weeds.

The Good: Arkansas had a bye week so our weekend only partially revolved around football. They are almost assured to beat their opponent next weekend.

The Bad: A&M lost to OSU this week in the last howevermany annoying seconds it took for them to throw the game. They are almost assured to lose to their opponent next weekend. At which point certain of my in-laws will get in some ribbing. But one particularly sweet one promised not to since I assisted her in where to shop when she is in Dallas for the game. :)

Note, if you did not pick up on this: Arkansas and A&M play each other next weekend.

The Good: I found another cute JC Penney dress to wear in Miami.

The Bad: I have no shoes remotely close to working with it.

The Good: I'm halfway done with my book club book. Yes, I joined a book club!

The Bad: The book is a tad depressing. I'm hoping I can come up with something more insightful to say about it by Wednesday night. After a couple of glasses of wine, who knows what will come flying out of my mouth.

The Good: It's bed time.

The Bad: Ringo is in a snugly mood and does not smell good.

Good night!

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