Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back in a few...

I'm leaving in the morning for my long awaited girls' weekend trip to South Beach. I'm going with my four best friends from college. Our reality show will be called Desperate Housewives take Miami.

The agenda includes staying out too late, sleeping in, drinks by the pool, hunting down really good Cuban food and the rarely-enjoyed activity I like to call Nothing. Maybe Nothing with a good book.

Charlie is heading to Williamsburg tomorrow with Brad to enjoy one of his favorite activities: being spoiled. I've been sad about leaving him since about 5pm today when it hit me. He's made it even harder by being extra cute, sweet and lovable. Those babies and their manipulative mind games! I'm probably going to have to buy him a present now.

Later Gators! Get it? Florida gators? Oh never mind.

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