Saturday, September 18, 2010


Another beautiful summer weekend. Yeah, except it's September! It's been so hot, the only way I can tell it's fall is that Brad is parked on the sofa for a large portion of the weekend watching football! The hogs won against Georgia and I think Brad won his fantasy football match up yesterday. The key elements of a successful weekend.

Brad and Charlie had their first Romp n' Roll class on Saturday, with pancakes at McDonald's first. I went to a spin class and just enjoyed a quiet house afterwards. Sounds like Romp n' Roll for Charlie consists of slides and throwing balls - that's all he wants to do! But they seemed to have a good time.

Brad and I also celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this weekend. It's actually on Tuesday, but he will obviously be out of town. He came home from running errands on Saturday afternoon with *three dozen* roses. I have them all over the house - they are absolutely beautiful. We went out to dinner at Julep's New Southern in Shockoe Bottom and it was soooo good.

I had shrimp and grits, Brad had scallops. We got ordered a bottle of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, also sooooo good. I, of course, required dessert and ordered a white chocolate bread pudding with currents and pine nuts. yum yum yum. Brad didn't want any, so my gorgefest continued into Sunday with my leftovers.

At dinner, Brad asked what perfume I had on. He doesn't typically pick up on that kind of thing so I told him my usual stuff and asked why. He reminded me that I usually wear a special perfume for our anniversaries. He was absolutely right and I can't believe I forgot - or that he remembered!

I was shopping with my mom a couple of days before my wedding and she had the idea to buy some special perfume to wear. I wore it on our wedding day and every day of our honeymoon in Hawaii. I wear it each year on our anniversary. Well, not this year. Oops! I did come home and smell it and it smells like Hawaii. :) We've always said we wanted to go back for our 10th anniversary - I hope we can.

Sunday we just worked in the yard some and had a nice dinner with some neighbors. We came home afterwards, put Charlie down and watched Nursery University, which is a documentary about getting into preschool in New York City.

The film follows a few families going through the application/interview process, which requires consultants, seminars, special books and a lot of speed dialing. It was fascinating to watch. And it made me so glad we don't live there - I don't think I could handle all that pressure! All to pay $15-20K a year for preschool. When Brad heard how much tuition was he was ready to move my mom up to NYC to start a preschool!

One of the families obviously agreed with me and they were filmed moving out of the city at the end. They were disappointed with the preschool their child got in. The other families seemed happy with how everything turned out, but it seemed like a lot of stress for an extended period of time - the application process lasts from Labor Day into the following March. Crazy. Anyways, it was interesting to watch.

So that's what's up with us. This week I'm taking Charlie to check out some fun new things and have some house projects lined up. My friend Karen is coming over for lunch on Wednesday. I'm also still looking for a babysitter that can help out periodically during the day. No luck there yet, though I've contacted several. Kind of a bummer.

I've had a request from the baby daddy for more pictures and videos while he's out of town, so there's probably going to be a lot of that on the blog this week! Hopefully I'll be more diligent with updates. Been feeling uninspired lately. And busy.

I still never know how to end these. The End.

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