Friday, September 24, 2010

A Week in the Life

Charlie and I have been such social butterflies this week. It felt like a 2 day week, which is a heck of a lot more then I can say about my weeks when I was working full time. All of the sudden it was Friday and Brad was back home.

I thought the days would feel kind of long sometimes when I stayed home, mostly because it's just the two of us. But surprisingly, they go by pretty quickly and all of the sudden it's bed time.
We go to the park, to gym class, to music hours or story hours, we play in the backyard or run errands. We got Charlie's hair cut, too. Went a lot better this time, though he still doesn't like the scissors touching his ears.

It's a decent cut, though we had to wait about 20 minutes when we got there. Charlie loves hair dryers and brooms, so a hair salon was full of temptation. I'm sure I was quite the sight, running interference between a toddler and a bunch of brooms and hair dryers.

I found a mom's group and met up with them this week at the Children's Museum of Richmond. They have a new location that targeted to the younger kids and Charlie absolutely loved it. There was a train to ride and plenty of slides.

Charlie's been watching Brad dig up our yard as we get ready to reseed, so as soon as he found the sand box and shovels, he was doing the same thing! Just like daddy! Kind of like how he still tries to pull weeds out of the driveway when we go outside because he watched us do that for about 3 weekends.
A couple of the other moms had brand new babies with them - 4 and 5 weeks old. They brought their older kids to play and the newborns were just along for the ride.

I held one of them, a baby girl, when her mom needed to take her older brother to the bathroom. Charlie was busy playing in an exhibit, but when he spotted me was back over in a split second, whining for me to pick him up. Jealous! Charlie does NOT like to share his mommy! I kind of don't mind. :)

Charlie's gotten a little more acclimated to the gym daycare, so I've made it to work out a few times. And by acclimated, I mean he starts getting upset in the parking lot and cries like I'm abandoning him when I drop him off, but is fine 5 minutes later. I start feeling bad sometimes but try to remember this child is not suffering for individualized attention and an hour playing with a bunch of different toys won't kill him.

It feels really good to work out regularly again, especially lifting weights. And by good I mean my whole body hurts in the most miserable way for 3 days afterwards. But soon I'll get a little more used to it and it won't be so awful. I miss playing tennis the most, but that's probably not in the cards for a while longer.

Whenever we get home from somewhere and get out of the car, Charlie wants to crawl into the driver's seat in the car and pretend he's driving. He usually starts yelling for Bobo. If we ever can't find the two of them, a safe assumption will be that they're off joyriding together.
It's been so painfully hot here. Feels like July in the most annoying way. Today I actually put Charlie in his swimsuit and too him up to the fountains at Stony Point to run around. He loves it there because people bring their dogs and Charlie never met a dog he didn't want to chase yelling AH DOGGHHHH??? Yes Charlie, that's a dog.

Charlie was so excited when Brad came home today. I put him down late for his nap so he could see him first. He was just giddy and gave him all these hugs and running around all excited. It was cute. He misses Brad so much during the week. I've been sending Brad lots of pictures and videos so he's up to speed on all the Charlie happenings.

This weekend Brad and Charlie have Romp n' Roll again tomorrow morning and I'm going to go to spin class. Arkansas is playing Alabama and then we're going to a block party. That's about the extent of our plans. Just overall enjoying the complete lack of fall weather as October is almost here. Yay.

Happy weekend!

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Tracy said...

Life at home with Charlie sounds like so much fun. I'm so happy for your new life! Have fun with your little poodle chaser. :)