Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We just got back from another visit to the doctor. Charlie's cough and breathing hadn't improved after several breathing treatments and he woke up this morning with a fever.

When the doctor suggested I have a seat so we could have a talk, I knew good news was not going to follow. Charlie has pneumonia. There is fluid in his lungs.

We go back in to the pediatrician tomorrow morning to have him reassessed. There was mention of him going to the hospital if things don't improve, but I'm choosing not to think about that very much right now.

Starting some antibiotics tonight, trying to push fluids as much as possible and continuing breathing treatments every 4 hours.

He's napping now, but we are going to have to leave the house in a little while and go out for his antibiotic - and I am low on coffee. Essential at this point, no? I also want to bake something. That always makes me feel like I'm taking care of him for some reason. A quick store run will be good to get us out of the house briefly.

I have to say, on my first day as a stay at home mom, it doesn't really feel like anything has changed. I still have work to do and I'm home with sick Charlie like I have been in the past.

There is only one other time I've been this worried about him being sick, though. Last October when he was so tiny and had a bad asthma attack and we ended up in the ER... during the swine flu epidemic. But he was OK then and he will be OK this time. It will be nice to have confirmation about that tomorrow morning.

That's all for now...

Your not-sure-she's-really-a-SAHM-yet

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