Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things I've Been Reading

I finally dug into Mockingjay today. And now I must finish. Sleep is not looking promising tonight. Why am I blogging?? So far I think it is better then Catching Fire, but I'll be surprised if it's as awesome as Hunger Games.

I also picked up the The Shipping News today at the library. I've seen bits of the movie, which stars one of my favorite actors, Kevin Spacey, on cable and it's intriguing. I hope the book is too. I'm going to need a good rebound book after Mockingjay is over.

I saw an article in the Washington Post about a new type of travel that might just be the perfect compromise for Brad and me. It's called Glamping! Glamorous camping. This is the first time I've heard of it, but apparently the concept has quite a following and there are many web sites dedicated to places you can GLAMP! Rhymes with tramp. And Cramp.

Brad liked to go camping when we first started dating but he really married the wrong girl for that kind of thing. He took me camping once with his friends and brought fish to grill for dinner because he thought I'd like it. His friends grilled hot dogs and gave him a lot of grief. The thing is, I love hot dogs! But it was so sweet of him to try and make it all so palatable for me. I had to shower twice when I got home to feel clean, though.

Here we are, almost 8 years of marriage later, and I'm not so sure Brad is much of a camper anymore. I guess I've beaten it out of him.... in fact, he may be even snootier about his accommodations then I am now.

We saw this eco-resort in St. John that was like a big tree house - it was really neat, incredible views. I told him I thought we should try something like that out some time and he looked at me like I was crazy. Though maybe he's just trying to save himself from a vacation of listening to me whine.

But who knows, now that we have Charlie, maybe we'd like to GLAMP! What d'ya think honey?? I just need my own bathroom, some place to chill the wine and I'd really rather not cook. Let's rough it!

I stumbled upon this new blog about creative lunches today. I'm all for new recipes and menu ideas, but this site actually kind of stresses me out. Not only do you need to make delicious, healthy food that your child will actually eat, but it needs to be cut into interesting shapes by a large variety of cookie cutters and then decorated to resemble artwork. If your child's sandwich doesn't look like a bird, complete with a beak made out of cheese, just chalk the entire day up to failure.

Ok, that's all I got. I have to get back to Mockingjay now. And another completely pathetic dinner of crackers, laughing cow cheese and smoked salmon. This is what I'm reduced to eating with Brad out of town so much.

K Bye.

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Lindsay said...

I won't comment on Mockingjay until you are finished!

Obviously (?), Bryan is a camper. I haven't been in a long time, but he uses me as an excuse to buy cool camping stuff. Like an enormous tent, a queen-sized air mattress, a heater, a shower tent, etc. I can't wait to take the boys. We are just waiting for Andrew to get a little bit ... um... easier?