Friday, September 10, 2010

Staying at Home

Let me just say, staying home with Charlie when he doesn't have pneumonia is so much more fun. Last week I think I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. Alone + sick baby + sleep deprivation = insanity. The kind of insanity that reminded me of having a newborn and it kind of hits you 4 weeks in that you're not right in the head.

This week has been a 180. Charlie's been well and we've gotten to do a lot of fun stuff. As an added bonus, Brad's been here this week. It also doesn't hurt that the weather has been beautiful with almost no humidity. Fall is in the air. Summer, I never knew ya.

I already feel a lot more relaxed. I don't panic about having things just so before I go to bed so the dominoes will fall in a certain way in order for us to get out the door in the morning. I'm not stressed about getting a certain number of things done over the weekend so that we're prepared for the week.

These are the types of things I have worried about since Brad started traveling. When he would be home for a week and I got a brief reprieve from them, it felt like such a treat. Overall, though, there was no margin for error and we spent his weeks home catching up on things that required weekday attention. To have that weight off my back is huge. Big sigh of relief huge.

Newly Relaxed, Chill Pill Ingested Mommy and Charlie have gotten to do all sorts of fun things this week, like go to the park, play at Romp n' Roll, go to the farmer's market, attend a baby shower and have a play date with BFF Freddie. We've been to the grocery store, Target and the car wash. Check, check and check.

I've decided not to schedule any classes, with the exception of maybe the Roly Poly class at the gym. I like being able to just go do whatever while the weather is beautiful. In October I found a class at Maymont where the kids get to see the animals. I think 1 scheduled thing per month is going to be plenty. There are actually a lot of free things to fill up the other spaces, like reading hour at the library or music hour at this cute kid friendly coffee shop I just learned about.

Our days have already fallen into a kind of routine. We get up (Charlie is getting up later and later I might add), have breakfast, get dressed and then get out of the house to do something fun, maybe run an errand. Come back for lunch and then he's down for a nap. I work during his nap and when he's up we go do something else. Then it's dinner and the night time routine. It flows so much more seamlessly then I thought it would.

This weekend we're going to do some fun things with Brad and I'm not going to feel guilty leaving him with a babysitter tomorrow night because I've spent a lot of time with him this week. I even left this evening to go to the gym and let Brad do the night time routine - unheard of even a month ago. It was so freeing. I never let myself do that kind of things before because any moment Charlie was awake and I wasn't at work I wanted to be with him. It felt like I got so little time with him. Another huge weight off my back.

Charlie is entering his first big time daddy phase. Like searching for Daddy, reaching for him, wanting Daddy to hold him instead of Mommy. Brad is eating it up. It's a big eye opener for me because I really need to back off and give them their alone time.

Unfortunately, I think this is making it even harder for Brad to leave town for work. I've been resistant to Skype because it was Just Another Thing to Figure Out, but I think it needs to happen so these two can talk during the week.

Starting next weekend, they are also signed up for Saturday morning gym class at Romp n' Roll, located conveniently next to both a McDonald's and IHOP, which serve Charlie's most favorite of foods - the pancake. A little gym class/breakfast combo each Saturday morning for them to enjoy together.

What am I going to do with this chunk of alone time? Find a tennis partner perhaps. Or Mockingjay is still staring me down. I can't seem to start it until I know I have time to finish it. I read a review that said to clear your calendar because to put it down is impossible. Sounds like it's time for another stomach flu to strike. Then it can officially be The Book Series I Read While Puking.

So that's what's going on here. I'm sure we have some surprises in store, but two thumbs up for the change so far.

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Lindsay said...

The other thing I liked about having the boys at home more is that they had time to play with all of their toys! Why have a playroom full of toys that they are never around to play with? Why buy new toys when they don't get to play with the ones they already have? Now they all get some lovin'.