Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Say Cheese!

Ohhhh lawdy does the worst of the teething happen at the end. At least, in the teething mouths with which I'm familiar. Charlie's final incoming teeth are so painful to look at and he's been acting like he's in so much pain.

The last ones left are the sharp ones and the large ones. The brutal, unforgiving ones. And kids, as of tonight, we are out of ibuprofen. If these teeth give us a 2am wake up call, I've got nothing but Tylenol. That could get ugly.

Even though I'm kinda complaining, don't get me wrong - any day at home, even one with horrendous teething, is better then what I was juggling before. So my whining is all relative. But what a long day today.

On a positive note, there has been an insane amount of sleep going on lately. 14 hours for Charlie last night, plus a solid 2+ hour nap today and back to bed on time tonight. If it wasn't for the screaming and irritability, it would have been just ideal!

Unfortunately, there was a lot of screaming and irritability. Which pairs well with chardonnay. Take note.

We hit up our Rolly Polly class this morning, which is comprised of singing and gymnastics. They pull out a big parachute at the end for some games. I remember doing that kind of thing in elementary school at Anderson Mill. I loved it.

We barely made it on time since Charlie slept until 9 (poor me) and when we got there he was kind of clingy and nervous, but caught his groove when he came across a tambourine. He carried that thing all over class the rest of the time. I feel fortunate he left it there. Lately when he gets attached to something, the end result is either ear piercing screams or we now own it.

The rest of the day was either too mundane to discuss or dealing with teething. Tomorrow we are meeting a couple of my friends for lunch.

Did you pick up on that? Friends! For Lunch! Not lunch in front of my laptop, trying to ensure I can leave work on time to pick up Charlie! I am far from taking that kind of thing for granted yet. I have gone from zero to social life in 2 weeks.

I have also been on a home project rampage lately. We cleaned out the garage last weekend and every time Brad threatened to throw out some old furniture or home decor item he came across, I told him to put it in our sun room - which now looks rather furnished as a result.

Not the beachy oasis I was hoping for, but there are places to sit and A LAMP! It's downright homey in here. Really not cute enough to post pictures, but after I get some plants in here, who knows, I may go ahead and do it. It's one of those where the 'after' photo looks pretty appealing only with accompanied with a very sad 'before' shot.

In other project news, I've got my poodle-marked sisal runner out in the garage right now, just waiting to be painted. There's no smell to it, it's been Nature's Miracled to high heaven, but even water stains sisal, so the round marks are there for good.

I think I'm going to do a gold and black checkerboard pattern. Does that sound obnoxious? I think it kind of does, so my hope is that when I post pictures of it all finished people will say ohhhh, yeah, I get it now.

I'm also going to miraculously find time to recover my dining room chairs, re-seed the front lawn, paint our brick fireplace and do touch up paint throughout the house. Oh and figure out a cute homemade puppy dog costume for Charlie for Halloween. I am obviously on a mission dispatched from Martha Stewart's alien mother ship. Here's Charlie signaling the mother ship:
For tonight, though, I'm going to curl up and read Mockingjay. Because my name is Kara and I like books about love triangles. They distract me from challenging things like teething.

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