Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Day

Whew, it is quite a bit more work to stay home when it's raining out. No park, no backyard, no sand table, no walk, no throwing the ball for the dogs. Lots of energy, though. And impatience. Charlie's got no time for bad weather. It means long stretches of not running anywhere and that's just not going to cut it. So FIX IT Mommy.

When we finally got going for the day, we headed over to the University of Richmond to find some more potential babysitters in their babysitter book. Student Activities keeps a couple of binders: One of students who want to babysit and one of parents looking for sitters. I must write some kind of crappy babysitting ad because I didn't get any phone calls or emails in response to my sheet in the parent book.

I managed to find 5 sitters with open daytime hours in the student book before Charlie grew tired of waving at people walking by and saying BUH BYE as loudly as he could. I emailed all 5 and heard back from one. She is coming by tomorrow. Fingers crossed people. Mama's sanity is hinging a bit on this one.

I thought about hitting up the kid's coffee shop in Carytown again after we got back in the car, but it was clear when Charlie fought going into his car seat that it would be a painful experience for all. So we came back home and I found a couple of 10 minute kid's yoga things on On Demand. Charlie seemed to like them. Perhaps his next new word will be "Namaste".

By the time he was up from his nap, it was obvious we needed to get out of the house. Too grouchy (both of us) for errands, so we went up to the mall to play on the playground and eat Chick fil A for dinner. That's right. Rain now equals fried chicken for dinner.
Rain also means Mom is willing to shell out 75 cents to make a pretend car shake while Charlie sits in the driver's seat and gets scared and upset.
After dinner we walked around and Charlie went into each store we passed to tell everyone HIIIIIIIIIII. Some found this more amusing then others. I think the lady in Bath & Body Works was Charlie's favorite, though pulling the shoes down off the display at Foot Locker was appealing as well.
Charlie also went and grabbed this older woman's walker from her as she was sitting down for a rest. I think he thought he could push it around like he does his stroller. She was polite. I was mortified.

After that I was done. Say BUH BYE Charlie.
We woke up to sunshine today - yay! I know we need the rain. I just don't want the rain. Maybe if I find Charlie some rain boots and a rain coat we can play in the rain next time instead of trying to avoid it. Oh goody! Something new to shop for!


Megan said...

Hahah So cute he says 'BUH BYEEEEEE' and 'HIIIIII'. Such a cutie. Hopefully its nice weather again today! Love you guys!

Katie said...

Hilarious post ... tell me more about the yoga for kids!