Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pneumonia-gate 2010

We survived it.


Charlie's still doing a few breathing treatments today and hacking up phlegm like a 90 year old lifetime 2 pack a day smoker. But his energy level is back up, the fever is a distant memory and his appetite has returned.

I was very lucky to have my MIL Sue come in from Williamsburg on Friday to help me out and take the overnight breathing treatments Friday night. She arrived just as I was at the end of my rapidly fraying rope. Even just going out to dinner Friday was a huge mental boost after several days tied to the house.

On Saturday, in another wave of good fortune, my mom flew in from Dallas and that was another mental boost. She took Charlie for a long walk and to play at the park so I could get in a much needed nap. I was still groggy when I got up but we hung out for a while and then I went to Massage Envy for a massage.

Which was actual very painful because in the middle of all of this pneumonia going on, I hurt my back lifting some heavy bags of dog food. I think my back was already tired from all the holding and carrying around of the very heavy Charlie I'd been doing all week. He's definitely a baby who wants to be walked and held to be soothed. It was easier about 10 pounds ago. Him, not me.

Anyways, despite the painful moments, the massage helped and even woke me up some. Against my better judgement on Friday night I had taken a muscle relaxer prescribed by this quack at Patient First. I hate muscle relaxers - they make me feel horrible. But the pain was throbbing as I was trying to sleep so I caved. And then felt horrible for the next 24 hours. Never. Again.

I picked up some rotisserie chicken and salads at Fresh Market and we had a glass of wine and watched "The Business of Being Born". It was produced by Ricki Lake and is about the birthing 'industry' in hospitals and home births. Spent quite a bit of time comparing the U.S. to other countries in the world with respect to how babies are born and the medical care mothers receive.

I have a hard time calling this film a documentary, since it was far from objective. There was definitely an agenda present and it went beyond disseminating facts and raising awareness. I had a problem with how they presented their statistics since no source for them was provided. But the film was interesting and provided some food for thought. It was interesting watching the home births they showed, including Ricki Lake's. You've got to really believe in something to let it all hang out on camera like that.

But anyways.

Sunday we took Charlie and the poodles for a long walk and then Charlie took a very long nap. By evening he was beyond fussy. Screaming, arching his back, acting like he was in a lot of pain. I called the pediatrician to see if it was from the antibiotic he was on. I was told if 3/4 a teaspoon of Maalox didn't calm him down to go to the ER immediately.

So yeah. After a week of emotional roller coaster, not the advice I was looking for. For the 100th time this week, I was scared. At least I wasn't alone this time. What a difference having someone else there makes.

We had already given him ibuprofen and decided to let that kick in and see if anything changed and then try the Maalox. Luckily he calmed down and I finally got a chance to peek into his mouth and I see at least one molar cutting through. Because of course. So that should just be buckets of awesome for the next few days. I looked at my mom and said "Don't Leave!!!".

After that we were determined to get out of the house. Unfortunately, so many restaurants here are closed on Sundays and even more close as a result of the holiday. We eventually settled on Champps, since it was the first place we found open, and ate outside in the beautiful weather. Charlie inhaled almost an entire pizza and an ice cream sundae - and then licked the sundae dish clean. What he lacks in table manners he makes up for in cute determination.

My mom left early this morning and I was sad to see her go. It was so fun to hang out with her and read magazines and relax. We were so busy in NYC last weekend that we didn't have much of an opportunity to catch up, so that was nice too. She gets such a kick out of Charlie. He's imitating everyone he's around now and started saying "I know" just like she says. His first sentence!

Not sure what the plan is today. It's another beautiful day here so I hope we can get out and about. I need to get caught up on work at some point, probably after Charlie's bed time. And I'm just going to consider this to be the first real week of staying home with him. We're going to find some fun things to do and have a play date one day with BFF Freddie!

Happy Labor Day everyone!


Meredith said...

I've been thinking about Charlie a lot and I'm glad he is okay. Give him a smooch from his Aunt Mimi and tell him I love him lots!

The Balog Family said...

Wow! What a roller coaster!!! We too had pnuemonia (not sure I spelled it right..a few glasses of wine!) in both girls along with 4 ear infected back in July - I feel for you!! I hope you all ended up having a nice weekend in spite of it all!