Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Toddler Food that Stinks

I managed to buy some nasty new food for Charlie to try. Complete and total misses. I must tell you about them because you can not possibly spend your hard earned money on this stuff.

Dr. Praeger's Fishies. I should have known better then to buy these because real pieces of fish do not cut well into fish shaped pieces. I'm reminded of the McDonald's chicken nugget, which is neither chicken, nor nugget. However, lumps of mushy breadcrumbs DO cut well into fish shaped pieces and that's what these are. YUCK.

Cluckphrey's Chick-a-roos. Again, I should have known better - the product name is so obnoxious! It's like the name is trying to disguise the fact this isn't real food. I actually thought this was real chicken, just baked, not fried. Well, it's not, these are vegan "nuggets" that have to put in quotes on the box. There is all manner of processed soy product up in these. The aftertaste is breathtaking. And I don't mean shirtless picture of Rob Pattinson breathtaking.

Back to Nature Macaroni and White Cheddar cheese. So gummy and nasty. Bleck. I usually get another brand, I can't remember the name, but grabbed this on the fly. That kind of thing can get you kicked off of Top Chef.

The moral of the story here is don't ask your husband to go with you to the grocery store when he hates going and rushes you. You end up buying food that is fish shaped or required by law to be put into quotation marks. Or, worst of all, bad mac n' cheese!

After I made both of these, Charlie got pizza for a replacement dinner. Otherwise I would have received a stern lecture and "serious face":
Tonight, though, I just nuked the first leftovers I could lay my hands on because I was scared the power was going to go out from these awful storms we were having. Charlie ended up eating quite a bit of ground turkey today as a result. And the power didn't go out, thank goodness!

Oh, and speaking of turkey, I've decided to go cold turkey on the bottles after I start staying home. New routine and all. So sick of those Dr. Brown's bottles and their 400 parts requiring accurate assembly or else they leak. See ya Dr. Brown, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Hmmmm, this post is just going in all sorts of directions now. What next? Anyone watch the new Say Yes to the Dress in Atlanta? I guess TLC didn't learn anything from Bravo because just like with the Housewives, Atlanta is not as fun as New York. I think this is mainly the fault of the people who work there, who are a little lacking in the personality department.

I went and read their bios online and the store manager is quoted as saying her favorite brides are those with a lot of money because they can try on a lot more dresses in the store. Nice. I guess at least she's honest if completely devoid of tact and charm.

The salespeople also use the term 'jack her up' in the oddest way there. I mean, when I've heard that term used before it's meant getting in a fight or beating someone up. So... violence. In the Atlanta store it's used when they put a bride trying on a dress in a veil, with her hair up and jewelry on. Every time they say "I'm going to jack her up" I just burst out laughing.

Well, I better go make a grocery list or something. Good news honey! Another trip to the store this weekend! Yay!

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