Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spooner Goings On

It's been an interesting little week over here, as weeks go. Charlie's forehead bruise from Sunday has turned into a partial black eye. I need to get a close up picture. It's kinda funny!

Tomorrow is his last day in the infant room after spending half days in his new room all week. Sniff. It's kind of sad for all of us I think. He's not a baby anymore. Double sniff. The teachers in the new room are nuts about him, though - and it seems to be mutual. Plus, can't discount his happy reunion with BFF Freddie.

They said he's transitioned really well. He's even napped on the mats with the other kids - I am shocked. Like every other parent before me.

Also, apparently a lot of the kids cry when they see the infant teachers from afar during their transition. But Charlie saw his favorite teacher, Miss Debbie, through the window today while he was getting his diaper changed and waved and laughed and blew her kisses. She told me "when that happens, that's when we know [dramatic pause] they aren't babies anymore."

Unfortunately, the separation anxiety right now is at its worst of his entire life. It is so painful to go through each morning, even when I know he's going to stop crying the minute he can't see me anymore. It's just such a pained, desperate cry.

Since I'm going to be home with him more you'd think this would be a non-issue. But I do hope to have at least a little time to myself! A mother's day out, the YMCA kids play room - you know, just short periods of time. But these are new places and new people. Coupled with this phase. Like I can't already find a ton of excuses to not work out.

Wednesday afternoon I took off work and picked up Charlie for Olivia's birthday party. It was at a gym and all the kids played so hard. I know Charlie crashed early and hard that night. I love that. The sweet non-sound of an exhausted, sleeping baby. Since I was baby-wrangling on my own that day, I have no pictures, which kind of stinks.

The party favors were foil balloons and they are about the most exciting toy Charlie has ever had. He has had a blast with it - and this morning even said the word Balloon!

Brad comes home tomorrow and is home all of next week. I'm making some plans to see some friends and Monday I have a farewell happy hour with my coworkers. A happy hour I don't have to rush from to pick up Charlie! I can stay and talk with everyone - all knowing that Brad is gaining all sorts of perspective by flying solo on the night time routine!

No plans this weekend, though we're going to try and get a sitter for Saturday night and get out for a date. Not sure to where or what - need to look into that.

Also: as a follow up to my book request a few posts ago: I ordered Toddler 411. It just arrived today.

I also ended up searching Amazon for some other toddler books that have high user reviews and then reserved them at the library. I figured I could check them out and decide if I needed to own them. Strangely, the library system here doesn't carry Toddler 411.

Toddler books seems to fall in distinct categories - behavioral/discipline, activities and health/development. So sadly, no one stop shopping. But I'm going to piece some things together and see where I end up.

The books that were available for check out first:
  • The Secret Lives of Toddlers: A Parent's Guide to the Wonderful, Terrible, Fascinating Behavior of Children Ages 1 to 3. By Jana Murphy.
  • The Everything Toddler Activities Book. By Joni Levine, M.Ed.
  • The Book of New Family Traditions: How to Create Great Rituals for Holidays and Everyday. By Meg Cox.
Have only flipped through them, so not sure yet if they are worth the trees they're made of.

I think that's all. Ok, maybe interesting was a stretch.

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