Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Mush from my brain I can't find a blog post home for:

We read the book Doggies, by Sandra Boynton, almost every night before bed. Zoe typically lays on the floor in the nursery while we read. When I get to the 7th or 8th page of barking in the book, Zoe has started to contribute. The first night she did a soft howl. The next couple of nights she's made poodle talking noises. Pretty soon I should be able to let her take over for me at reading time. Charlie will be thrilled.

New Charlie words from the past couple of weeks include Peas (please), puppies and book. We cannot, however, get him to say fan. He points at ceiling fans all the time and says DOH. or DUH. Something like that. No amount of coaching will change this to FAN. He can say two syllable words, but will not say fan. Perhaps in a year or so, he can explain what he was holding out for.

Just got Charlie's new shoes in the mail tonight. I think it was more exciting then getting my own shoes in the mail. I got him some little tan Pediped sneakers and they are soooo cute! The web site doesn't do them justice. I just love that brand. I checked out See Kai Run again too but all their non-sandals have kind of a bowling shoe feel to them. Couldn't do it.

You'll all be relieved to know that I no longer look like the undead in the olive green dress I bought for my sister's birthday party. Stinks being pale, but yay for tan in a can.

We're going against the grain and getting rid of cable. A couple of times last week when Brad was home we tried to find something to watch. After scanning 300 plus stations and finding nothing of interest, we decided to pull the plug. I will officially be Very Boring to talk to very soon. I am, however, getting my own Netflix account so I can watch something other then old episodes of Lost and Dexter.

Have you heard of a Brazilian Blowout? Or the Keratin hair smoothing treatment? Well, some of you do because you're the ones who told me about it. I realize I live under a rock, but I just heard about it (or actually listened about it) and I'm so intrigued.

You go get this treatment and then your hair looks smooth and straight and perfect - no flat ironing. My hair is so course since having Charlie (thanks kid) and pretty much always looks like crap. Leave it to me to start craving expensive hair treatments once I quit my job. I'm on the hunt for a maybe not quite as good home version. Anyone know?

Brad has taught me this really neat online shopping tip that I must share. You can google whatever store you are shopping at and + 'coupons' or 'free shipping'. There are these web sites that keep coupon codes posted that you can use and then click a button to let the site operators know if the code still works.

I got free shipping from Hanna Andersson and Pedipeds and 15% off my order on JC Penney. I get regular emails from all these sites and never received these codes. They were random codes, too - the one for Pedipeds was 'totsnob'. The site has a lot of them.

Friends, my Words With Friends app on my phone is being a big sensitive jerk the past 2 days. I must have hurt its feelings. Hopefully we can kiss and make up soon. Sorry for the slow response times.

That's it! ..... I think.

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Tracy said...

You're a bad (or good?) influence! I just bought these on sale. Owen just outgrew the same shoe in navy and I loved them. Half price and free shipping is hard to resist!