Monday, August 9, 2010

Party Weekend

Boy did the term 'party weekend' used to have a different meaning. The funny thing is, I'm still exhausted! Really too exhausted to say anything witty in this post. Just wanted to post some pics, though several of these are Facebook repeats, so please forgive.

Saturday we went to my friend Karen's 2 year old's birthday party at Monkey Joe's, which is this indoor playground with lots of bounce houses. They have a couple of little ones for the 3 and under set and Charlie had a great time and got really worn out. He even went down the big slide with Daddy. He was scared at the top and thought it was hilarious at the end.
Charlie was all decked out in a new outfit from Nana from Janie and Jack, which is having a great end of summer right now. I think Janie and Jack in the DFW area must have better stores because I never find good sale stuff at ours here. It's so tiny! Some people are scoring some finds though - daycare this morning looked like a Janie and Jack fashion show.
Nana is getting a tad out of control with all her Charlie shopping lately! I understand the temptation, though. Much like shoe shopping, shopping for a toddler is fun because everything in the designated size pretty much fits.

After playing for a while we had pizza and cake and Charlie amazed everyone with his cake eating skills. It was a Ukrops bakery cake - his favorite! Don't even try to feed Charlie cake - he will take the knife and fork and feed himself, thank you very much. He was so sticky by the time we took him home. But very worn out and went to bed early - that was a very nice gift from our hosts - thank you!
Sunday we went down the street to our friends Kathryn and Ben's house for a pool party. Our former next door neighbors/good friends, Jason, Kristen and Olivia, are in town for a few weeks from London. They represent my international blog readership now that Cookie has moved back from Switzerland. :) This is their last trip to the states before baby brother arrives in early November!

I made some Bob Armstrong dip from our favorite Tex-Mex restaurants in Austin/Dallas (Matt's) for the party. Guacamole, taco meat and queso with sour cream and pico de gallo on top. It was good but the recipe makes so much! They serve this stuff in little cups at the restaurant and here I am carrying in a 9x13 pan of it for 6 adults and 3 kids! We made a respectable dent in it.

Charlie actually loved the dip - Brad filled some smaller bowls of it with chips to put around the pool for people to eat and Charlie kept stealing them and sticking his face in to eat! That first picture in this post is him with a bowl of chips and dip at the miniature picnic table by the pool.

For all his enthusiasm to jump in the pool when we were in McKinney, Charlie was pretty low key about getting in the water yesterday. He took some time to just chill while the rest of us swimmed and talked:

We were having such a great time, we didn't want to go! We just kept finding more things to talk about - don't you love dinners like that? It was so fun. We all ate way too much and then had brownies on top of it. Can't wait for them to get back from London so we can do this all the time! Fortunately, we have a couple more get togethers planned for their trip.

Eventually I knew Charlie had reached his tired limit, though - right before we left he fell and hit his little forehead on a step. He screamed like crazy for a while - I admit, I was kinda panicked! But my two friends with older kids were there, acting like this was just toddler business as usual, so that calmed me down some. I need to toughen up - nobody said surviving toddler injuries was easy - especially for the parents!

Charlie finally started to calm down after Ben gave him a sucker he swiped from little Ben's room - who was none too happy when he found out! We had 2 upset kids there for a while. I will need to have a nice selection of suckers for Ben to choose from the next time he comes over.

That sucker is now stuck on the head of Charlie's little teddy bear that is in his crib. He refused to let me pry it from his little fist at bed time so I just let him have it. Charlie's forehead has about an 1.5 inch mark on it, which is painful to look at but doesn't seem to bother him at all. It's covered by his hair so I only faced minimal questioning at daycare about it.

Anyways, very fun weekend for us! Here's a little self portrait of Charlie and me. Make that a no-makeup, pool hair self portrait. Charlie was cooperative and didn't even try to steal the camera from me!

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