Monday, August 2, 2010

New Things

Even though Charlie is leaving daycare in about a month, his teachers decided to go ahead and transition him into the next room up, since that is where all his friends are. Specifically, it's where BFF Freddie is. The reactions Charlie and Freddie have when they see each other are so strong it makes me a little sad their visits will be infrequent soon. I haven't worked up the guts yet to email his mom with the news. Arg.

Anyways, they told me this morning that Charlie was going to spend some time in the other room today to see how he'd adjust. So I took him over there and he walked in like he owned the place. He was excited to see Freddie and a couple of the other kids, to check out all the different toys they have over there and to try out the toddler sized arm chairs and sofa. After talking to the teachers some, I waved bye and left.

Apparently it all went well until nap time. I had a feeling Charlie wasn't going to do too well sleeping on a mat with so many distractions around him. Since he talks non-stop, he did that from the mat. And then talking turned to happy screaming. Which turned to unhappy screaming. Finally they brought him back over to the infant room because he was making it impossible for the other children to nap. That's my boy!

After Charlie was taken back to the other room Freddie got upset. So upset that they let him skip the rest of his nap and go over to the infant room to play with Charlie. He stayed the whole afternoon and went back just in time for his mom to pick him up. BFFs reunited. So sweet. Never mind the part where my child destroyed nap time for 6 to 8 children today.

In addition to the changes at daycare, we're seeing a lot of changes in Charlie at home. His vocabulary continues to explode - it's like he watches everything trying to figure out what to call it.

New words include yuck, shoe, bobo (our dog), mop, bubbles, bath and hi. I forget the others, I'll have to have Brad remind me. There is also a lot of blabber that I'm sure means something, I just can't figure it out yet.

Strangely, Charlie hasn't said 'fan' yet. He loves ceiling fans and watches them all the time, but when he points to them he says DOH. Like a Homer Simpson style doh! I can't not for the life of me figure that one out.

In other developments, Charlie also loves to let out a deep satisfied sigh whenever he drinks something (ahhhhhh) and make Mmmmmm noises when he eats. Both of those are compliments of Nana.

What's inside the kitchen cabinets no longer holds Charlie's interest - he wants what's on top of the counters. And he's just tall enough to reach them, which is pretty scary. Sometimes, though, it's just really funny. Like when we were in Texas my dad put down the can opener after using it and turned around. When he turned back around to grab the can opener again, it was gone. There was Charlie, on the other side of the living room, walking away with the can opener!

I do, however, have to be very careful where I put knives and breakables on the counter. Charlie is fascinated by the knives, probably because I've reacted so strongly when he's gotten close to them in the past. When I hold him in the kitchen, he inevitably reaches for the knife block. He's also starting to notice the pots on their burners and reaching for those. I'm trying to keep my reaction in check, though, when he gravitates towards the range, so he won't find them too appealing.

Riding in his stroller or in a shopping cart is no longer acceptable - he wants to walk everywhere. Unfortunately that means going all over the place and pretty much ignoring us as we try and herd him down the correct aisles and towards checkout. I do enjoy him walking more, though - he's getting so heavy and my back is still messed up from being pregnant.

It's going to be interesting keeping him busy once I'm home with him full time, that is for sure. I'm sure Charlie will tell me all about my performance, though, and whether it's meeting his high expectations!

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