Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day

Today was my last day in the office and Charlie's last day of daycare. Up until 3:30 pm, it was a fairly uneventful day.

Since I was going into the office, I got up at daybreak, showered and got everything ready. Charlie woke up and I got him ready and I dropped him off at daycare. That's kind of how things roll on days I haven't worked from home. Quite tiring. I thought to myself, No more of this crap!

I went into the office, did some work and my VP was nice enough to take me to lunch. To one of my favorite restaurants. In his brand new Volvo convertible. OK, so that was kind of eventful.

At 3:30 daycare called and said Charlie had been coughing in a hack-like fashion for several hours and it was getting worse. I cancelled out of my 4 pm meeting, which the organizer was quite nice about considering I'm not willing to ever meet with him again after today, and went to pick up Charlie for the last time from his school.

Saying bye to everyone at daycare was kind of tough - especially the teachers in the infant room. They have been so caring and supportive in the last 14 months. Everyone hugged me and had been hugging on Charlie all day. He, in return, coughed on them, but also blew kisses and cheerfully waved good bye to everyone. Probably seemed like any other day to him.

Between Charlie being sick and the fire drill they were about to have, there wasn't much time to say good-bye. I suppose that was kind of a blessing. After a few minutes, it's hard to know what more to say. I can only thank them so much. I think I might write them each a note. Is that weird?

So we left and I tried not to think how weird it all was as we drove to the pediatrician's office. Which was so crowded we had to park in a different parking lot. Back to school time, which means shots and children screaming and panicked looks from Charlie. We had to wait an hour to be seen.

When we finally got back to an examination room, I only kept Charlie in there for a few minutes. I let him out to wander and play with some toys they have in a sitting area. By then his breathing was very labored and one of the more experienced nurses noticed it. We were seen a few minutes after that.

It turned out to be a pretty bad asthma attack. We did a breathing treatment and they tried to check his blood oxygen level, but he wouldn't let them. We tried to wait for him to calm down and try again, but after he got really upset, there was no turning back. He freaked at the mere sight of the doctor.

The doctor also wanted to check his ears for infection, to see if the last one went away. This poor child is cursed with very waxy ears and the doctor didn't want to clean them out while he was having trouble breathing. They did this other type of test where they send a vibration through the ear and it detects whether the ear drum moves. If it does, that means there's air behind it (good). If it doesn't, there is fluid (bad). Fortunately, that test was all clear.

At 6:30 we left the doctor's office and I had to think of something quick for him for dinner. I'm kind of ashamed to admit this, but I got him some fried shrimp and coleslaw from Long John Silver. I knew he'd love it. So.... yeah.

Charlie got to bed OK but I'm supposed to wake him up every 4 hours tonight for additional breathing treatments. I'll be honest, I haven't messed with this in the past when it's been recommended because he has seemed fine when we finally put him down and sleep seemed more important.

Tonight is different, though, and I'm going to go ahead and do it, at 11pm, 3am and 7am. His breathing is still so labored and it's scaring me. If the next breathing treatment at 11pm doesn't help at all I think I'm going to take him to the ER for some liquid steroids. He's asleep now, but still coughing a lot. Not a good sign.

In short, it's going to be a long night. Which shouldn't be a big deal, right, because I stay home now. Except I somehow need to squeeze in some work tomorrow on this new part time schedule. I am feeling quite Debbie Downer about that arrangement tonight. Burnout rearing its ugly head I suppose.

Anyways, today was a big day. But all the reasons it was big suddenly seem small compared to my baby who is having a hard time breathing.

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Katie said...

How was the rest of the night? Breathing problems are so scary.