Monday, August 16, 2010

I scream U scream

Well, after all my great plans to do stuff and get out on a date this past weekend, I ended up sick. Some kind of sore throat type thingy. I was dragging on Saturday and Sunday - pretty pathetic. We managed to make it out to dinner on Saturday to the Tavern, this place we like that's close to our house. I've figured out how to rig dinner so we can actually eat and maybe talk some, while Charlie is occupied. This has been challenging in the past because he is always into something, throwing something, breaking something, eating crayons.... you name it.

The trick is, we order his food and something for him to drink as soon as we sit down. Bonus points if we manage to squeeze in our drink order too. While Charlie is messing with his kiddie drink, lid and straw, but before he figures out how to dump it on himself and cries because he's wet, we figure out what we want to eat and order. Then it's about 10 minutes of entertaining him before his food arrives. That brings about 10 minutes of peace - enough time for our food to arrive. When it gets there, we order him a cup of vanilla ice cream. That ice cream keeps him entertained for a solid 20 minutes. I mean, he works to get every last drop of the ice cream in his mouth. He doesn't care whether we even stuck around until the end. It's not until he dumps the cup on the ground or flings it across the table that dinner is officially over.

That was also about the extent of the excitement for our weekend. We did some other things I won't bore you with. Like watch a bunch of Lost, Season 2. Go to the grocery store. Get excited about $22 worth of coupons. Ya know, lame stuff.

Also lame: we managed to pull weeds in our driveway, which is composed of gravel. And 80% covered by weeds. NEVER. Never will I own another house with a grave driveway. I thought it was like a charming Virginia thing when we bought the house. Now I realize it's a cheap cop-out by the builder.

Anyways, I thought, even though I'm not feeling great, no big deal to stand or sit still and pull weeds, right? I've now decided all you need to do is state your intention to pull weeds and half the muscles in your body will feel sore. Oh misery. And I didn't even stay out that long - Brad sent me back in to lay down after a little while. Some days I dream of a zero lot line or townhouse. Yard work is for the birds. Where can I get (and afford) a view that I don't actually have to exert any effort for? That's what I want to know.

So that was our weekend. But yay! Brad is in town this week! Working from home, which is so nice. It's just nice having him around. To talk to and commiserate with. To keep Charlie from imminent danger while I do the last 2 minutes worth of things I need to do before leaving the house for work.

Charlie started today full time in his new classroom. The teacher said sadly when I was dropping him off, "I guess Charlie is just here for a couple of weeks, huh?'. Alas. Yes. He had his now-typical separation anxiety fit when I left. I am already very tired of them and they upset me. However, it sounds like he had a good day. Here is the note on his status report:

Charlie had an excellent day! Today he was very excited to get his turn sliding the bus back and forth on our book at circle time. When asking Charlie if he could say "bus", he gave me a very long Charlie answer. Was very cute! Before you know it we'll understand everything he says. =) Sentences may just come easy for him.

Charlie does have a lot to say. He speaks in these long sentences and then expects an answer. I presume he thinks everyone knows just what he's saying.

I had my farewell happy hour for work tonight. Since Brad is in town this week, he picked Charlie up and did the night time routine. It was nice being able to stay and talk and even order nachos (!) before heading home. It was really fun. I felt like a real grown up person.

Sounds like the weather at home was kind of stormy while I was gone, though. Brad said Charlie was pretty grouchy without me here. He got fussy when they played, didn't want his dinner, got upset during his bath and was just in an all-round bad mood.

When I got home I went in to peek at him and he was actually awake and sitting up in his crib. I was so excited to go scoop him up and he was giggly and snugly with me. He wanted a little more milk and we played and looked at books for a little while and then he went back down to sleep. I think we both felt better afterwards.

No on to the rest of our week. How many days 'til Friday again?

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