Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Spooner Goings On

Brad always coincidentally chooses the best weeks to stay at home. Or my subconscious realizes he's staying home and alerts the rest of me that I can safely get sick now. That stinkin' virus from last weekend still has me feeling a little crummy, but I'm mostly recovered.

It's been awesome having Brad around and helping with Charlie, who ended up getting another ear infection and very high fever this week. Poor thing - this is the 3rd round of antibiotics in just over a month. Can't seem to kick this infection.

Seeing as this is the third round of very strong antibiotics, I asked about tubes during our visit at the pediatrician. From what I hear (pun intended - hardy har) they are just little infection-preventing miracles.

The doctor looked surprised I asked about them, though, which confuses me. You'd think I'd asked if we could just chop off his ears to prevent further infection. He said we could discuss if this round of medicine didn't work.

Not sure if it's the medicine, the ear infection or possibly having caught my virus, but Charlie has been sleeping like a machine this week. A 5.5 hour nap when he stayed home Thursday and long periods at night. I type this at 9:15 on a Saturday morning because Charlie is still asleep. Crazy.

This weekend we are staying pretty low key, doing some yard work, trying to win the battle against weeds in our driveway. Last night we grilled out and watched some more episodes of Lost. I think we're almost done with Season 2. Tonight we have a babysitter. Wooohooo!

Also this weekend: my sister-in-law Clare heads off to UVA to start her freshman year! She's a budding interior designer and has all sorts of cute plans with her roommate for her dorm room. She promised me some pictures to post on here when it's all finished. Dorm room design has been the hot topic on some of the design blogs I read for almost a month. The ultimate challenge!

I'm finishing up my last full week of work this week. After this week I have 2 days and then I'm donezo. Well, mostly donezo. It looks like I'm going to stay on to do some part time work from home as I can squeeze it in, but we are still hammering out the details. It will be whatever I can fit in when Charlie is asleep that doesn't push me over the edge, stress-wise. It's just temporary, until they hire someone to replace me.

Next weekend we head to New York City for my sister Meredith's 30th birthday party. My parents and my sister Megan/fiance Bruce are all flying in. Brad wiped out his Starwood rewards account to get us all hotel rooms in the same hotel, including Meredith as a treat for her birthday. It will be fun to all be able to stay together and the hotel is beautiful - Le Parker Meridien. Do I have a sweet husband, or what??

The birthday bash is Saturday night at a rooftop pool where some of Meredith's friends live. We'll all be chic New Yorkers for the evening. WHAT am I going to wear?? I bought this cute dress on clearance from JCPenney of all places but it arrived and the olive green color makes me look kind of corpse-ish. I mean I know vampire pale is all fashionable and in, but it is NOT pretty in this instance. I'm going to see if some spray tan can rectify the situation.

We have other HUGE news to celebrate while we're there. Meredith's boyfriend Lucas sold his book! He is about to be a published author! Here's the announcement:

"Lucas Klauss's debut WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE, a story of boy (from an apocalypse-obsessed, atheist family) meets girl (daughter of a missionary, church-goer) and all the complications that ensue, to Anica Rissi at Simon Pulse, by Kate McKean at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency."

Pretty awesome, huh? The genre is young adult fiction, which has really been my favorite lately. I love how creative the stories are and I am very anxious to read his book in particular. I'll post on here when it is released so we can all go buy it! Meredith has read it and said it was awesome. Apparently, his agent and publisher agree!

Lucas also writes humor for adults. He doesn't keep up his blog anymore, but he's got 4 years worth of absolutely hilarious posts here: You should check it out.

Anyways, it's going to be a great trip. Charlie's 2nd to NYC. Well, 3rd if you count in utero. This time he's old enough to take to Central Park and do some things. And Megan hasn't been to NYC since she was little, so it's mostly brand new to her. We're all really looking forward to it.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Meredith said...

Parker Meridien+Spooners in NYC=best birthday present ever!