Monday, August 30, 2010

Back from NYC!

I'll have to post some more photos later when I get them from my mom and sister, but we had an awesome weekend in New York! I do have a camera, but gave up trying to take pictures halfway through the weekend because baby wrangling was about all I could handle. Fortunately, Megan and my Mom took a bunch - some pretty funny ones too!

Charlie had so much fun and is exhausted. He actually slept through airport security yesterday at LGA. He stayed up late both nights but got up right on time and only napped a little. I will admit, a couple of times during the weekend I was questioning bringing him because things got pretty challenging. But his grandparents and aunts are soooo good with him, there is no way he couldn't come. And everyone helped out with him, especially my parents.

Can I just say Brad got us the Hook Up at Le Parker Meridien this weekend. They gave us this big suite on the 38th floor and my parents got a Junior Suite. It's like they knew we needed the extra space for a crib and a divider so Charlie couldn't see us in the other part of the room. He stayed in our room Friday night and my parent's room Saturday. And the birthday girl got a lovely Central Park view from her room.

The hotel itself was SWEET, right next to the park and all the swank shopping. Not that the swank shopping was what we were looking for - the purchases for the weekend included some H&M and an I heart NYC t-shirt Aunt Megan bought Charlie on the street. Have to get a picture of him in it - so cute.

We walked in the park both days, which Charlie loves for its many dogs, musicians, ducks and slides. And we were just removed enough from the crazy crowds of Times Square, which frankly stresses me out. The weather was perfect - even chilly on Saturday morning. I don't remember the last time I would describe myself as chilly outside of an office building.
Also exciting, sort of: A bunch of U.S. Open players, coaches, etc. were staying at our hotel. I was hoping to see one of the few I would recognize, but didn't. I immediately texted Clare and wished she could have been there, though we wouldn't have seen her the rest of the weekend. She'd be getting photos and talking to every player she could locate!

My mom had the only major player sighting of the weekend (we think) - she saw Gael Monfils in the elevator with a huge tennis bag and asked him if he was going to the tennis tournament. He told her yes, actually he is playing in the tournament. Makes sense seeing as he's huge and was carrying about 20 rackets in his bag.

We took Charlie to FAO Schwarz on Saturday morning with my Dad and it will probably be the last time we go there without him really wanting to buy something. He carried around a bouncy ball for a lot of the visit, but dropped it when he saw this:
The giant piano. For $750K it could be ours. The kid next to Charlie was very unsure of what to do so Charlie gave him a lesson in Breaking It Down. It took quite a bit of convincing to get him to leave.

We also had a wonderful dinner on Friday night that my parents took us out to at a nearby restaurant, Vice Versa. It was perfect homemade pasta and we had some really delicious wine. You just don't realize how crappy the pasta is you eat the rest of the time until you have the real stuff. It was so good.

One strange thing - Vice Versa has NO high chairs. I realize I live in a toddler bubble, but really - not a one?? Both the host and our waitress gave us a tired 'Oh Crap' look when we walked in and got seated. Charlie did pretty well, but both my mom and Brad took him outside to walk around for a bit during dinner. He loved his pasta and ice cream - ate every bite. So much so that he gave everyone, including one of the servers a kiss on the way out.

Saturday night was Meredith's party at her friends' apartment building downtown. It was a really nice building, apparently Chase Crawford from Gossip Girl lives there! Didn't see him, though. The food my mom ordered was awesome and was all delivered without a hitch. Lots of drinks (eek) and dancing and fun. It was a really great party and Meredith seemed so happy. Her friends are all so sweet. They made her a DVD slideshow and scrapbook for her birthday and she got all choked up.

Charlie did pretty well at the party but this is a NYC apartment, so lots of people in a small space. He handled it OK at first and then melted. Brad was finishing up his fantasy football draft at the hotel, but my dad helped me with Charlie out in the hall where he ran around and left a giant trail of cupcake crumbs all around the floor. By the time he calmed down the party moved to the rooftop where there was more space.

Once we got up there, Charlie was a holy terror. Running all over the place tipping over the outdoor tables, climbing on anything he could find, going through the beer cooler. Brad was there by then and we were both going crazy!

As it got later, my parents so nicely took Charlie back to our hotel to play and go to bed. It was a such a treat to get to stay out with my sisters as late as I wanted. Something I definitely used to take for granted. Stayed out a little too late and drank just a little too much. I am now in the era of the 2 day hangover. Ouch! Brad went back earlier - obviously much smarter then me.

The next morning my parents took Charlie to breakfast and Brad and I got to sleep in and have breakfast on our own. Which we of course spent talking about Charlie. The conversation when we woke up went a little something like this:

Brad: Morning baby

Kara: I need greasy food immediately

I found this grease in the form of huevos rancheros. Which was really more of a spicy frittata on top of a cheese quesadilla. But hey, whatever.

We met up with my parents for another stroll around Central Park, then a nap, shower and it was time to go. I felt sad going to the airport. It was so much fun and we've been looking forward to it for so long. It was like the day after Christmas as a kid.

Flights coming and going were miraculously on time. The car service we used was pretty good and cheap. Charlie did pretty well on the plane and went to bed early last night. Poor Brad had to get up this AM at 5:15 and get on another plane. We have lots going on this week to keep us busy around here, but that's another post.

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