Monday, September 6, 2010

18 Months of Charlie

This is a tad overdue. And I know you all have been waiting so patiently. Charlie turned 18 months old last weekend when we were in New York.

Can you believe Charlie is 18 months old? Doesn't it seem like yesterday I was whining about my pregnancy on this blog?

18 months is a really fun age. Lots of personality, lots of figuring things out, lots of imitation and LOTS of letting you know what is and is not acceptable.

For example: Getting his way is acceptable. Not getting his way is not acceptable.
Sometimes, when you turn around for just a split second, not getting his way isn't even an option anymore. Things just happen. He is into everything and wants to see how it works or opens or closes - or maybe what happens when you stick a bunch of CD's into the printer.

We're also starting to get into some vocabulary that is useful in getting your way. His cute little 'no' has turned into an adamant "NO!" and recently he picked up MINE. He says "Mama" a lot now to get my attention. He recently started saying tree and juice. His favorite words are Da-da, dog, ball and Bobo.

Poor Bobo. He gets bossed around by Charlie all day long. Charlie will scream for him from the back door and chase him from his napping spot in the den. I'm not sure why Zoe doesn't get more attention from him. Charlie occasionally will give her a kiss, but because her name is harder to master, she doesn't get ordered around too much.

Food is of high priority around here. My mom was marveling at Charlie downing his cheese pizza and hot fudge sundae at Champps last night, remembering how much coaxing she had to do to get my sisters and me to eat. Obviously, I grew out of needing to be coaxed.

Charlie's favorite foods are mostly Italian: pizza, spaghetti, ravioli, meatballs. He also loves pancakes, yogurt, applesauce, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken and popsicles. There are special places in his heart for ice cream and juice boxes.

We don't do a lot of juice around here, but I've been giving him some while he's sick to keep him hydrated and he loves them. I think it's partially the delivery mechanism: straws are fun.
Charlie also still insists on eating with a full size, grown up fork. Spoons are only acceptable when offered with ice cream. Knives are now very appealing, and very scary for those around him. He actually tries to cut his food. He wants so badly to be like the grown ups around him.

Which brings us to all the imitating that is going on around here. Charlie seems particularly taken with watching me blow dry my hair and trying to copy it. He takes the blow dryer and my round brush and holds them both to his head and walk around. He imitated my mom combing out her wet hair in New York last weekend by bending over and combing out his hair. It's so cute.

He imitates us talking on the phone, changing the channel on the TV, typing on our laptops and working in the yard. He's pretty convinced when Brad is gone during the week at work that he's actually just down the driveway weeding or about to mow the lawn. He'll get his lawnmower and mow the den floor. So helpful. I do hate when things get overgrown in the den.

Walking has turned to running, though his feet still have that little kid duck walk. Running usually results in falling. When he runs he's typically very excited and swings one of his little arms back and forth trying to get to the object of his affection - whether it's one of us or Bobo or whichever ball he is kicking - as fast as possible.

His favorite toys are the ones that make music - keyboards, his guitar, even this little book that plays songs as you turn the pages. He likes to beat things with sticks, like a drum. Nothing like wooden spoons on stainless steel mixing bowls to get you going in the morning!

He's wearing mostly 18-24 month clothing, except for the Carters stuff. The 24 month stuff in Carters is starting to get too small. I think it shrinks more! His shoes are a 5 1/2 now and hopefully stay that size long enough to wear out this current pair.

Side note: I just love picking him out clothes and shoes - it is so much fun. I also love folding his laundry. 18 months in and I like to smell it all (when it's clean!) and think to myself how cute he is in all of it with each piece I put away.

On the recommendation of the Babycenter newsletter, I went ahead and pulled out the training potty for him to see and start getting used to. Our former neighbors lent it to us (Yes Fosters, lent, so you can move back from London and use it for little Charlie Foster, OK??) and it has a talking Elmo on it. Such great incentive to check out the potty - commentary when you punch Elmo in the face! I can't even picture Charlie actually using it, but he's changing so quickly I'm sure I'll feel differently in the not to distant future.

Overall I would say my favorite part of this age is seeing Charlie's personality blossom. He has a big personality - he takes over a room when he comes in. My mom was laughing that was exactly what her dad (his namesake) was like. Laughing, joking, big personality - but also a temper. Charlie also loves two of Daddy Chuck's favorite foods - ice cream and pancakes.

We are going through some separation anxiety right now, a little behind schedule. I thought it would happen a few months ago, but it's really been bad the past few weeks. He's pretty attached to me. I'm pretty lovable, though, what can I say? And I looooove my baby:

Oh and we finally got a family picture. Not really one for the Christmas card though, is it? Ahh well, must keep trying.

Our 18 month check up is a week from today, but I did see his weight when he was playing around on the scale at one of our many pneumonia-related doctor visits last week. He is 26 pounds. No idea on height, but it's increased a lot I think. We'll know more in a week. Details to come!


Stephanie said...

He's getting so big, Kara! Not sure if this is something you'd be interested in (as a non-mom, I'm never sure), but I've been buying Honest Kids juice lately (I'm a sucker for juice and Crystal Lite gets really old) - looks like it comes in pouches with the ever-popular straw:

Lakshmy said...

LOVE the pictures for this posting - especially the one of Charlie and his momma! It's so good to hear he is feeling better!