Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a Week

How is it only Thursday? Seriously? Today should be Friday. I am at a Friday level of exhaustion. Ear infection has passed and the cough has arrived. Charlie is so cute and sweet when he wakes up in the night, though, so its not too terrible a chore. Getting up in the morning - now that is a horrible chore.

Word is getting around work that I'm leaving and the announcement to our entire department goes out tomorrow. Everyone has been so nice and said the most supportive things. Turns out even the guys understand wanting to stay home with a baby! I realized yesterday that in a couple of weeks I can completely clear out my calendar of recurring meetings. What a happy thought that is! Some of those recurring meetings are just a whipping.

I've been poking around into what Charlie and I are going to do with ourselves after we're home all the time. I'd like to get a little schedule going and have something that will wear him out each day. I found a mom's group that does playdates and other events. A library reading group. Might sign up for Romp n' Roll. I also found a mommy n' me swim class at the Y. After seeing Charlie in the McAnally's pool in McKinney, I think he'd really enjoy that.

Mother's Day Out might be end up being a tall order - turns out there are waiting lists for those things. Who knew? I need to call around for a few more and hopefully I'll find something. If not, we'll be on the waiting list for spring! My backup plan is a University of Richmond babysitter for a couple of hours one morning a week.

I'm hopeful that whatever we sign up for I will meet some other moms. Some blog I read but now can't find had a post about making friends after baby and its challenges. I think this can be particularly difficult for working moms, who are limited to the weekends for play groups and activities. I know that's been a challenge for me - when can I get out and socialize? With Brad out of town, the answer has been, sadly, almost never.

Overall, the challenge seemed to be in finding like-minded moms who also have kids around your kid's age so they can play together - and then building friendships. It's not as easy as it was in college to make friends, but I've made some really good ones since then. I'm hopeful I'll make some more now that I have time to actually get to know some people. But it was nice to know I'm not alone - everyone who posted was having a hard time with it. Can't believe I can't find the dang entry to post.

In other news, I'm updating all the links in the right hand column, starting with the Design Blogs. Some of the ones I dropped just weren't updating very often.... and I'm breaking up with Young House Love. Even though they live around the corner and I've read it for a few years now, I don't think I am going to read it anymore.

I know it's hectic after you have a new baby, but an entire blog entry about buying 2 new throw pillows from Target? There are just too many other good design blogs to waste time on stuff like that. I will, however, have to go back and visit after said baby becomes mobile, and see what she does with all that white furniture. :)

I'm being summoned from a crib down the hall. Happy Friday Eve everyone!

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