Monday, July 26, 2010

We're Having a Heat Wave

When we stepped outside for the first time after our flight from Dallas landed, I thought to myself that maybe there was a mistake, we just circled DFW and were still in Texas. It has been so painfully hot here lately. I've been daydreaming of Maine. Or Seattle. Montreal. Anywhere where it is not triple digits with a heat index of whoops I just passed out from heat exhaustion.

Very hot weather used to be not much of an issue, other then the fact that it stinks and I hate it. We'd stay indoors, just go outside at night, etc. Now, however, there's the issue of keeping a certain someone entertained and not tearing the house apart. It's rather motivating. We've been looking for things to do indoors that still exert lots of toddler energy.

One handy way to do this is befriend people with summer babies and hit up their birthday parties! I'm kidding of course, but wow, did an afternoon at Romp n' Roll make a difference Saturday. It was my friend Wendy's daughter Bella's 2nd birthday. Charlie and Bella go to the same daycare and were in the same classroom for a little while. They were both ducks for Halloween last year, so share a common interest in great fashion.

I have to say, this is the most genius way to throw a birthday party. You show up with the birthday kid, some party platters of food and a cake and then sit back and enjoy. Everyone plays, has a great time, eats and goes home with a logo-covered party favor.

There is nothing for you to clean up and probably some leftovers so you don't even have to worry about dinner that night. As a gift to each parent who attends, their kids all go to bed early that night! Charlie crashed hard just a few hours later and it was blissful.

He loved all the activities... so much so that I'm going to look into signing up for a class after I stop working. In addition to the class, you can go during any of their open gym times and just play. They also have tambourines, which is a must-have for Charlie.

They did a little musical instrument time during the party and naturally Charlie made a bee line for the tambourines and grabbed not one, but two. I was worried he would scream his little head off when it was time to give the tambourines back, but because a teacher-type person asked for it, he reluctantly handed it over.... after some deep consideration of his options at that juncture, of course.
where's charlie??
We scheduled our sitter to come a few hours after the party when Charlie was in bed so we could sneak off and go see Inception. If you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it if you like movies that make you think. After it's over, it's fun to debate and the ending leaves a question mark. Very good cast, too - that guy from Third Rock from the Sun - love him! Love you, former sitcom teenager!

Sunday we killed time indoors by having breakfast at Einstein's and shopping at Tom Leonard's, where both singing life-sized stuffed animals AND ceiling fans are featured for entertainment. They have some life-size cow statues out in front of the store and Charlie of course pointed and said DOG! Causing Brad to reminisce - again - about the harlequin great dane we almost adopted 7 years ago. Juno. Which he was deathly allergic to. Ah, memories.

I kicked around the idea of taking Charlie to the Children's Museum of Richmond's new location in Short Pump, but he ended up napping quite a bit that afternoon. I do want to go sometime soon - it's supposed to be very toddler focused. The other location further down Broad Street is supposedly for the bigger kids.

Unfortunately, all that napping was a leading indicator of illness. Charlie was up in the middle of the night last night and was burning up. This morning he slept late but wasn't running a temp and seemed fine so I went ahead and took him into daycare. Two hours later they were calling saying his temp had gone up and he was clearly not feeling well. Off to the doctor we went where we found out it was another ear infection... or the continuation of the last one.

He's on a strong antibiotic now but I'm still having a bear of a time getting his temp down. He will probably be home with me again tomorrow. Times like this and I can't WAIT until September gets here and I no longer have to wish to clone myself so I can both take care of Charlie and attend meetings all day. I mean, I'm good - but I'm not that good.

Before I go - I had to post this picture - it's from the Texas trip and my mom just sent it a couple of days ago. This is in the McAnally's backyard after we went swimming. The dog is Linus and he sure did love Charlie. Charlie likes to rub food in his hair and therefore always smells great to Linus!
And lastly, very exciting news from San Antonio today! My cousin Mike and his wife Jake are proud parents to a healthy baby boy - Atticus Rex. His big brother Harrison is all ready to show him the ropes and teach him cool stuff! Congratulations!

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Lindsay said...

Have you seen 500 Days of Summer? I am now in love with "that guy from Third Rock from the Sun." SUCH a good movie.