Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Texas Tidbits

I have a feeling this 2 week period we are in Dallas is going to feel like about 48 hours by the time we go home. It's going by SO FAST! So much still left to try and cram in this week!! Some things going on:

My sister Megan's engagement party was this past weekend - one of the main reasons we came to visit these particular weeks. Some close family friends hosted and it was SUCH a nice party! There was a band playing and Charlie watched them the entire time he was at the party. At one point he stole their tambourine. They didn't look too thrilled, especially when he started flinging it on the ground for maximum noise impact and eventually they got it back.

The beautiful couple....
And a traditional sis pic... I decided to let Megan have the middle since it was her party and all. Still deciding whether that's allowable for the wedding or not..
Before the party, my sisters and I went to Megan's salon to get our hair done. I am trying to go back to my original color so they had to dye it darker first while the highlights grow out. I also needed to cut a bunch off because it is way over processed and dead.

I tried to prepare Brad for this but he was still shocked. Things you don't ever want to hear your husband say when you come home with a new hair cut and color:
  • I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually.
  • I didn't realize you meant that drastic.
  • Kara's gone goth!
My mom has been watching Charlie while I work and spend some time with Brad. Like magic, his vocabulary seems to increase with each passing day. New words: Nana, PawPaw, Odie (my parents dog) and... NO. Charlie has started saying No. A word I thought we wouldn't hear for a little while longer. It's a cute no. But it's still NO!

Charlie also said his first, well, sentence I guess. I didn't hear it myself - he said it to my parents. My dad would say to Charlie "I PawPaw" while pointing at himself and at one point Charlie pointed to himself and said "I Charlie." He is rather stubborn when prompted to do it again. Like back off people, I'm not a seal waiting for a sardine.
Brad and I got away on Sunday night to stay at his hotel downtown and go out to dinner. Since he didn't fly home this weekend we had some expense account to burn, so we had dinner at Fearing's in the Ritz Carlton. It was perfect, as you'd expect from such a famous chef. Perfectly cooked, fairly small, very expensive plates.

We didn't see Dean at the restaurant - we'd both heard he will circle the dining room and mingle with people. But about halfway through our entrees Jon Voight walked in! They sat him at a table across from us with a couple he was dining with. I don't think they were famous.

Anyways, we were walking down McKinney Avenue after dinner and I said "I can't believe we saw Angelina Jolie's dad!" and Brad said "You mean Academy Award winner Jon Voight?". Ugh, whatever Brad. You know you were watching too on the off chance she walked in after him!

We stayed at the Joule downtown and since they know Brad by name now, they upgraded us to a suite. A suite with a giant jacuzzi tub. I took advantage of that before I left. A big bubble bath with a good book - I was in heaven.

Per usual when I come back to Texas, I eat my way through the town and hope I can squeeze in my seat for the flight home. My dad has one of Matt Martinez's cookbooks and has made some amazing things from it. Matt's Rancho Martinez without the drive to Lakewood! We've also had Bread Winners, Taco Cabana and today I had Sprinkles cupcakes. Like, 2 of them. Now I'm a tad sick. I need to pace myself a bit better.

Charlie unfortunately developed an ear infection in the past week. He was fussy before we left Richmond, so I took him to the pediatrician a few hours before our flight left and his ears looked fine. Somehow between then and now he's developed an infection. He woke up from his nap yesterday feeling very hot, so we took him to the same clinic that saw him last summer with his respiratory infection.

Unfortunately they had to clean his ears quite a bit before they could see whether there was an infection. He screamed bloody murder the whole time. It was exhausting for everyone. He's on an antibiotic now and seems fine. Fortunately we are treating it now, way before the flight, so he won't hurt during takeoff and landing.

Lots more planned for this next week. Trying to squeeze in seeing some friends, spending time with my family and getting in a couple more nights away with Brad. Such a treat for the couple who spends most of their time apart.

I leave you with our latest attempt at a family photo.... must keep trying.

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Megan said...

Hahahah 'Kara's gone goth". I can just hear him saying that. I think you look HOT MAMA