Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lots of Small Changes

I usually don't think about it much until I talk to someone who hasn't seen Charlie in a little while, but my baby is becoming a little boy! Sniff. Weep. Sob. Ok, little jump for joy. All this growing up does make the parenting incrementally easier.

There's been lots of communicating going on, which is really fun - but it's not always in a good way. I think we're at the beginning of the assertion of his independence because he is not about needing Mom all the time, he can do it himself! Back off! But don't go too far Mom or I'll have to scream in protest because I might need you.

I think we're going to have to work on sign language because Charlie's been getting so frustrated when I don't understand what he wants. And his reaching towards a cabinet where there is a lot of different food doesn't exactly help me solve the mystery.

Eventually in these scenarios, Charlie has no choice but to fling himself down because Mom doesn't get it and woe is me! I think he got the drama gene from me. The same thing happens when you try to unwrap his string cheese (horrors!), pull the paper muffin liner off his muffin (egad!), or pull his crackers out of the box without consulting him (armageddon!).

When Charlie gets in temper tantrum melt down mode we call him the Saddest Boy in the Whole World. Bottom lip jutted out, forehead down on his arm, crushed look on his face, inconsolable crying. It is hard work being Charlie and having to train the rather clueless hired help called his parents.

There are a lot more fun parts then not about him understanding and communicating more. It's just funnier to talk about the bad ones. We can make up games to play and he is so amazed by new things, even little things. Light fixtures, anything that spouts water and restaurant cups with lids, to name a few. Being around someone who is discovering things for the first time has high entertainment value. Because this is all about keeping me occupied, right? Actually, I just revel in all of it; it's fun.

In other big news about a small change, they talked to me at daycare today about transitioning Charlie to the next room in August. I've been waiting for this day to come with dread since he was about 13 months, completely aware it was going to be a much bigger ordeal for me then him.

Not sure why I got prepared at 13 months - he wasn't even walking then and they want them to be walking before they move. Now he's walking fairly well,but they still don't want to move him for another month and a half. We'll start transitioning him when we get back from Dallas towards the end of the month and then pick a day in August to be his last in the infant classroom.

The teacher said they wanted to give him some time to rule the roost because the kids they just moved out of his room had pretty strong personalities. And they think he needs just a little more time because he was a late walker. Which I don't really worry about because I was a late walker and you should see me now - I'm an awesome walker! I walk everywhere! Rarely fall down!

I'm not sure how much truth there is to all of these reasons they gave me - it may just be what you tell parents to give them a reason you've moved some other kids and not theirs. We happened to walk by the other classroom right before they told me this and I saw the two kids they just moved in there. I could see the wheels turning in the teacher's head - Uh Oh, Mom noticed, here comes the paranoia, better explain!

Who knows, maybe it was as simple as they had 2 spots in the next room and moved the kids they thought were the most ready. I was kind of sad Charlie got split up from his BFF Freddie, though. He was one of the kids they moved. And another little girl who has been speaking in full sentences since 8 months of age. Well not quite, but close. She's like creepy smart. She can clearly pronounce the lead teacher's name: Nancy. It's kind of scary when you hear it, like she's a highly trained parrot.

I kind of worried a little bit on the way home about whether Charlie was sad Freddie wasn't around anymore. They would get so excited to see each other in the morning. But if he is sad about it, you really can't tell. He likes anywhere where he is the center of attention. Probably got that gene from me too. And it's not like they had conversations or anything - basically just took turns stealing each other's toys and food and then crying about it. Ahh toddler friendship. So fleeting.

Well, I just wrote several paragraphs about not much at all. Wait until we potty train or move out of the crib. I'll probably be the Saddest Mom in the Whole World. That is, until I realize how much money we're saving not buying diapers!

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