Saturday, July 3, 2010


Insert dreamy school girl sigh here.....

I think I have a crush on this movie. I loved the book and the movie is pretty much straight from the book. The first two weren't like that. In fact, the first two were kinda bad. They had several of what I call 'cringe-worthy' moments - parts that were so cheesy and lame you just had to turn away from the screen and feel kind of ashamed to be there watching it. When the target audience is 15 year old girls, they can get away with that.

This movie only had one cringe-worthy moment, in my opinion: wedding gown clad Rosalie coming to kill her fiance. Part of this is because Nikki Reed looks so ridiculous as a blond with those dark eyebrows. Such bad casting.

But overall, if you're a fan of the books, it's just a really fun movie to go see. The scenes with Bella and Edward are absolutely delicious. So romantic. I think my school-girl crush sigh may mainly be about RPattz/Edward. Yummy!

I read a quote from Robert Pattinson from Vogue magazine that he wants to record an album, direct a movie and start his own religion. Dude, I think you've already accomplished the last one.

Anyways, back to the movie's good parts. The the fight scenes were really well done. I mean, I knew what was going to happen between Victoria and Edward and my heart was still thumping through the entire fight. The new Victoria was pretty good. I also really loved the coordinated designer workout wear the Cullens wear for battle! Actually, that was almost cringe-worthy too.

And I do have some gripes. I've said it before, I'll say it again - Rosalie and Jasper: worst casting ever. And they cut a couple significant parts from the book I didn't like. Like in the book when Bella goes to see Jacob after he gets hurt there are a lot of things she tells him about how she feels about him and what she visualized their life being like if she chose him. In the movie it's just kinda like, Oh hey, yeah, this sucks, bye.

Also at the end with Bree, who is just like a scared little girl. In the book she is a stark raving mad newborn vampire and they had to tie her down so she wouldn't eat Bella. And Bella looks at her and feels scared because this is what she's about to go through and she has some second thoughts. None of that. They barely notice each other. Lame.

I left the theater wanting to see Breaking Dawn immediately. But it's going to be a long wait - November 2011. Ugh, will I still care by then? Who am I kidding? Probably. At least we have the last 2 Harry Potters to kill some time with until then. If it's not a movie targeted to people at least 15 years younger then me, I don't really care to see it, thank you very much.


aichiba said...

I loved it too! So much better than the other two. I want to see it again and would actually pay another $10 to do that.

Lindsay said...

I'm so with you on the bad casting! And the RPattz love, too, although I think he was cuter in Harry Potter.