Monday, June 28, 2010

Stuff Going On

I just have not known what to blog about lately. In fact, I barely know what to blog about tonight because I am so tired. Brad gets up at 5am on Mondays and I usually get up too, start getting ready for the day. I don't even have to finish writing this post to know it will be neither witty nor interesting. Blah blah blah sleepy tired snore.

So what's been going on with us?

We're going to Dallas next week for 2 weeks to visit my family - and give my mom (Nana) lots of time with 'her Charlie'! Luckily I can work out of our Plano office so being there doesn't require taking vacation time. I feel guilty leaving the dogs, though.

Since Brad is currently in Dallas for work, there may even be a date night or two in store for us. And my sister Megan and her fiance Bruce are having an engagement party while we're there and we're going to do some wedding gown and bridesmaid dress shopping. Fun!

So an airline flight with a 16 month old.... yeah. When I booked the flights I didn't give it too much thought, other then Charlie needs his own seat because I'm flying alone with him. He is 24 pounds and so squirmy, there is just no way we could make it in the same seat for 3 hours.

About a week ago I started thinking through the logistics. Baby, stroller, stuff, heavy car seat - all lugged by moi through the airport. And then visualizing trying to get the car seat on the plane, installed, while keeping a hold of Charlie, my purse, the diaper bag, etc. Eeek.

I found this thing called a CARES harness strap that is approved by the FAA for kids on flights in place of a car seat. Rented it on eBay actually since it's a bit pricey when I don't know whether Charlie will hate it or not. You attach the straps to the seat and then snap the child in - kind of like a car seat without the seat.

I have no idea if this is a good idea or if Charlie will scream bloody murder for the entire flight. Stay tuned! It's sufficiently worrisome that Brad has now offered to wait until mid-week to leave for Dallas for work so he can fly with us. He hasn't seen the coach cabin in quite some time, so he'll be slumming it!

I think for back up we may get a portable DVD player to try and distract Charlie on the flight in case he gets fidgety. He'll be in the window seat and unable to grab the flight attendant's rear end like he did in December. How boring! As a last resort, I plan to keep my credit card in my back pocket in case I need an emergency glass of wine. Liquid sanity.

Until we leave on the trip next week we are just going through our normal routine - with one exception: playing hooky from work on Thursday afternoon to go see Eclipse with Karen! Not sure how crowded an early afternoon show will be the day after it's opening but I'm trying to think of our fellow viewers not as screaming teenyboppers, but fellow hot guy enthusiasts!

As for Charlie updates, he added a new word - Bye Bye! Actually it sounds more like Buh-bye, like we all said to each other 10 years ago. He's also started pointing out body parts - ears, nose, foot, belly, tongue. He giggles afterwards because he's pretty sure he's hilarious.

Charlie's other new trick is climbing on top of things - furniture, tables, our ottoman. I picked him up at daycare today and the teachers told me he scared them to death by climbing up on the rocking chair and standing up! This child has no fear. This mother has no shortage of ice packs and band-aids. I'm going to need them.

OK time for sleep now.

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Lindsay said...

1) I saw one of those seatbelt things on my last flight and thought it looked genius. Curious to hear what you think.
2) You will not regret the DVD player. Or load up a video ipod. iFrogz has cute kid-safe skins.
3) Let me know if you want to meet for lunch one day, just us, while you are here.