Saturday, June 19, 2010


I finally saw the new Sex and the City movie. You know, that movie you saw and talked about with your friends at least a month ago? Takes a bit longer to make it to the movies when you live on central standard insanity time.

I went with my friend Karen after our sweet husbands took baby duty. We got a huge thing of buttered popcorn and two 47 ounce 'Medium' diet cokes. If you're going to do it up, do it up right.

This movie is really for people who loved the show and is all about clothes and flash. It was pretty fun to watch, especially with a friend who also loved the TV series. Karen pointed out that the movie felt like several episodes strung together. I think she's right.

**What I write below has what I hesitate to call spoilers in it. Spoilers are for movies with an actual plot.

When the TV show started, all of the women were struggling. They struggled with jobs, with men, with their aging bodies, with money. They were relatable. Well, sort of.

Now they have achieved success, married rich men, come to live in huge, unaffordable dwellings and make comments like 'what do mothers without full time help do?'.

The writers can go ahead and throw out some high fives because I think they achieved their mission - I spent the whole movie wishing I lived in this alternate reality! In addition to the fabulous clothes and shoes, everything just works out so dang perfectly.
  • You can kiss another man and 2 days later your husband buys you a giant rare diamond
  • This husband is a stockbroker who is completely unaffected by the terrible market and can still buy a gigantic apartment to fill with custom furniture and drapes
  • You can eat out or bring in take out every single night and never break 110 lbs.
  • As a stay at home mom, you wear vintage cream-colored Valentino to bake cupcakes in with your daughters until your full-time nanny arrives to help out.
  • You stay at home because your husband must be the world's most successful divorce attorney, while still managing to spend lots of QT with the fam!
  • You are a one-person PR shop, so logically work in a huge glass office overlooking Times Square. I guess MTV has cancelled TRL and rented out the excess space.
  • Your neuroses and self-obsession are mistaken for charm and originality by the men in your life. It's not that you're a headcase! You are just not like any other woman!
A couple of things that disappointed me? That Aiden would stoop to kissing Carrie when part of what made him so hard to let go of was his strong character. He was supposed to be the good guy.

And Charlotte (my former favorite character) was so annoying. It reminded me of what the writers did with Monica in the middle of Friends - they take the quirks in her personality and make them her defining characteristics. Somehow, after having drinks with Miranda, she turned her back into her normal self.

Also, I have to say, Carrie is the most annoying wife. The man worked hard all day, let him watch some TV and eat some take out noodles. Her constant need to be the center of attention would be very tiring to be married to. Heck, it was tiring to watch. And here she was supposed to be the most low-key of the four.

The outfits were the absolute best, though. We spent the movie trying to decide what our most and least favorites were. It was exciting every time they had a costume change. It's for shallow reasons such as this that you go to bad movies.

Which is exactly why we are already making plans to go see Eclipse when it comes out. Instead of gawking at designer outfits, we'll be gawking at hot, shirtless men. And you know I'll be blogging about that!

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