Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This post is really an excuse to post pictures. Because our weekend was mostly pretty boring! Actually it was filled with what we don't get very much of - time together. With a husband/dad on the road most of the week, it is nice to get weekends like this where we get a lot of time together.

Brad and I got out to eat alone Saturday night since we had a babysitter. We went to a cuban place that had decent food but horrible mojitos. Then we went over to an Irish pub and sat on the patio. Bachelorette party count: 5

Sunday we had our now-ex neighbors over for fajitas. It was our last hoo-rah with them for quite a while - they are all packed up and moved out. Hopefully we can make it over to London to visit them some time.

I actually got sick on Monday, though I could feel it coming on Sunday. The doc in a box told me it was a stomach virus. I'm still not feeling great. Not sure what is up with me.

Charlie wasn't feeling great either, but it was different. He has allergies and then got a cough. We had to give him breathing treatments all weekend.

It's horrible, but we are now using TV as a distraction so he doesn't scream and fight the breathing treatment. One show in particular - Yo Gabba Gabba. Brad and I are both pretty creeped out while it's on; the characters are just odd. But Charlie finds it mesmerizing.

Yeah. So that's about all I have to say for our 3 day weekend!

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suzie said...

charlie is so cute! dont feel bad about yo gabba gabba... we did that with Will's breathing treatments as well. i am good with anything that helps distract them and make the treatment go faster! I actaully like YGG - i think the songs are catchy!