Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot Weekend

Richmond got the memo; it is definitely summer. So hot this weekend, like walking in a sauna when you go outside. How many days until Fall?

We went to the Richmond Greek Festival yesterday afternoon, but it was so hot we decided to just pick up some food and go home to eat. Charlie ate a bunch of it - he especially liked the yahni, which are string beans simmered in tomatoes and herbs. Not be confused with the Grammy-nominated new age musician.

Today we're contemplating going over to Broad Appetit, which is a food festival downtown that features all local restaurants. For its size, Richmond has a very respectable local food scene. It's going to be another scorcher, though and hot food in hot weather just sounds so unappealing. We may opt for the mall and gym instead.

I did go out yesterday and buy a tube of the California Baby sunscreen.... and just about fell over at the register when they rang it up. $19.99!! For this tiny tube! I must not be the only person reading this stuff about sunscreens because it was the last tube our Babies R Us had. Plenty of Baby Banana Boat though!

To keep Charlie busy we've been taking him out to play with his water table and sand box table. Eventually he gets bored, though, and heads down the deck stairs to find some dirt to play in. The dirt trumps all other toys. He's also been walking around more, though it's slow going. We're trying to cut down the bottles to 2 a day and yesterday we were successful.
This week is Brad's birthday! He's going to celebrate by working long hours. Sadly, I'm not kidding. He's been working a lot lately. Sounds like he may be able to work from home the following week though, which will be awesome. We can be like normal people for a week!

Next weekend we're heading up to DC to meet our good friends Lakshmy and Mike's new baby, Kash. We'll have to get some birthday celebrating in then. Hoping to make it to the Quarry House on Friday. It's down the street from our old house and we used to go a lot when we lived there. It's so magically delicious.

I'm so excited to meet the new baby. The four of us may be collectively insane to have these two babies in the same house, but have decided to just stock up on wine and find out the hard way! It's going to be fun. And hopefully not as hot....

It's a bit of a sad commentary on our weekend when I actually have more to say about next weekend! Just trying to recover from our exhausting weeks I suppose. Hope wherever you are, you are staying cool and relaxing! Happy Weekend everyone!

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The Balog Family said...

I feel for ya on the heat thing. Ya'll should come out to visit - you'd love the sunny 70's we have right now!! Hope you have a fun next weekend and Happy BDay Bradford!!