Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Failing at Photography... Again

This post is like a sequel to my fessing up last fall that I had no professional photos of Charlie and never sent out a baby announcement. BAD MOMMY.

Since then we have had a professional photo taken.... if you consider a picture with Santa 'professional'. Oh! Or the one taken when Charlie screamed his way through his first haircut! TWO professional photos. I'm sure the teenagers responsible for those photos would be flattered to be referred to as professionals.

So anyways, yesterday at daycare drop off they told me they needed a family photo from me for this 'family tree' they have up on the wall. Easy enough, right? Wrong. I went and looked in iPhoto and the last family shot we have in there was... it kind of hurts to admit this... Christmas.

That's right. No family photo for Charlie's first birthday. Or Easter or our trip to Pinehurst. Nada. Nothing. Not even a bad photo.

Why hello Guilt! Good to see you again! How is the list of ways I am failing my child coming along??

Seriously, doesn't it seem like mommy photography is some serious business? There are such nice cameras available and the photos on a lot of blogs are near-professional quality. I have this little camera that seems to take nothing but blurry photos. BAD MOMMY.

So back to my dilemma. After coming to terms with the limitations of my iPhoto album, I started pilfering my friends' online albums. I came up with a couple of lovely family photo options (i.e. photos that have the 3 of us in the same frame), compliments of Leslie and Lakshmy:
The sound you hear is Brad gasping that I would post such a bad photo of him on the blog. But I look pretty bad too.

So yeah, decisions, decisions. Is it better to have a family photo where you can't see the parents or the baby is looking away?

Either, because who cares, it's getting slapped up on a paper tree at daycare?

Exactly. I'm going to go with that.

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