Saturday, June 19, 2010


Charlottesville is so cute. Have you been? If not, you really should go. It's just an hour west of Richmond, where Virginia starts to get hilly as you get closer to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The town is so quaint and pretty.

We went and walked around the downtown shopping area and there were so many cute shops, restaurants and antique stores. I could just keep using the word cute and it still wouldn't adequately describe all the cuteness. I want to go back to do my Christmas shopping later this year.
After we got tired of walking around in the heat, we headed over to this South African pub, Shebeen, that was showing the World Cup. I'd never had South African food and Brad wanted to watch the 2pm game and have a beer.

Now I have to visit South Africa because the food was SO good! I had a really good South African wine, too - a Neil Ellis Sincerely 2008 Sauvignon Blanc. And it was sincere. Which is good because I hate disingenuous wine.

We had this spicy chicken and some lamb samosas. Think almost like jerk chicken like spices on everything and then mango chutney served with it. Spicy and tropical. Even Charlie's chicken tenders were pretty tasty.

They seated us in front of this giant television showing the game. There was one commercial with these dancing African animals that Charlie loved. Starts off with some monkeys, then giraffes and elephants - mesmerizing. He watched a little of the soccer, ate his chicken and then wanted out of his chair. He spent the rest of the time walking around the pub meeting everyone, making sure all were aware that he is Charlie and he can walk and has lots to say.

We drove home and all attempted to nap but the lowest common denominator decided napping was not on his agenda. What else is new.

It was a nice day. Nice to get out and do something different. The heat really zapped us, though. Even if you don't do much in it, you're just so tired after being out in it, you know? The rest of the evening we were pretty much slugs.

It's going to be another scorcher today, so there's going to be a lot more staying indoors and we may even attempt some homemade ice cream if we can figure out the machine. That's a big IF when I'm is involved.

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