Monday, June 14, 2010

A Boy Named Kash

Do you think these two are going to cause some trouble one day? Their first picture together and I'm already pretty sure I don't ever want to lend them my car keys. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what trouble looks like. And I didn't even realize it until I downloaded the pictures.

Aren't their outfits cute? Lakshmy and I picked them out on Saturday at Kohls when we were shopping. I love shopping for Charlie. Things in the designated size always fit and look good. Very much unlike shopping for myself. These may not be the last matching outfits they wear... best to take advantage of it while we can....

We had loads of fun meeting Kash this weekend. He is SO SWEET. Watching everything with the most beautiful brown eyes you've ever seen. Sweet baby noises and smells (most of them good :) ) and tiny hands and feet. Kind of made me want another immediately.

Aaaand kind of made me not want another immediately. Having 2 very small kids in the same house was a bit of a handful - and there were 4 of us on duty. One of them was almost always awake and in need of something.

Unsure of his surroundings, Charlie woke up at 5:45 am Saturday morning and was ready to be up for the day. Kash of course is on a typical 3 month old's schedule; he will wake and sleep as he pleases... And the rest of the time, please walk me around the house. But he is sleeping very well for a 3 month old - several hours at night and some naps during the day.

Anyways, we were all awake by 7am Saturday and Brad and Mike agreed that before kids they would never be awake at that hour on Saturday if a tee time wasn't involved... or they were shooting something.

This weekend was about strong coffee, some cocktails, really good food, rotating baby naps and 4 rather bleary eyed parents making conversation and running zone defense on Charlie. That kid was everywhere and into everything. He did a lot of walking.... and a lot of pulling things down...

Saturday night he finally found Aunt Lucky and Uncle Mike's wine rack and managed to pull a nice heavy bottle of champagne on his big toe. Poor kid - his toe is still purple. I have a feeling we have lots of bruises in our future because of his inquisitiveness. And Lakshmy and Mike got a good preview of what Kash will most likely go after once he's mobile.

Between being tired, unsure of his surroundings and his bruised toe, there was a lot of loud crying from Charlie. Kash did a great job of mostly sleeping through it, even though some of the screams had to have woken the dead. It's hard because Charlie isn't old enough to understand when he needs to be quiet. I'm not sure he even understands the concept of quiet.

While Kash napped, Charlie managed to recruit a very devoted follower - Bogey the cocker spaniel. Between the attention and the steady supply of dropped pretzels, Bogey was certain this was a human worth paying attention to. There was a lot of love. Charlie's got a thing for dogs, and doesn't let the fact he's seducing them with dropped food take away from his perception of mutual admiration.
When Kash was awake he was just so good. He would sit in his vibrating chair or lay on his play mat and just give the sweetest little smiles. He is just figuring out how to smile and is ramping up for full-on heart melting. I know he had mine with just the slightest little grin.

At one point on Saturday afternoon, Charlie was crawling all around doing his typical loud baby banter and all of the sudden Kash starts making noises and trying to talk from his perch on Lakshmy's lap! It was PRECIOUS! He had to be included and had things to tell us. I think he also wanted Charlie to pay attention to him. I rushed to get my flip camera but naturally couldn't get it in time. Wish I could glue that thing to my hand so it's always at the ready.

Kash studied Charlie a lot when he was awake - he reminds me of Charlie at that age in that way. Content to watch right now but anxious to join in. When they are both walking we are only going to be able to visit if it happens in a padded cell where they can't get at anything. Two very curious boys.

It was an awesome weekend getting to meet such a beautiful, precious baby boy. I can't wait to see him again. Oh. And his parents too! Ha! Yes, Lakshmy who reminds me so much of myself after having a baby... cleaning the house and cooking breakfast for house guests, even though nobody expects it because you just had a baby. But that's what you DO. That's what being type A is all about. Clean floors and a killer quiche. Thanks for having us Mahons!
Kash with his beautiful mother -
And a parting shot of Charlie with a TGI Fridays frozen quesadilla roll stuffed in his mouth for continued enjoyment -

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Lakshmy said...

I just love the picture of Charlie and Kash together. Trouble is right!! It was great seeing you guys last weekend. I know Bogey has been a bit depressed since Charlie left - plain old dog food is boring especially compared to the macaroni and pretzels Charlie was so kind to share!