Wednesday, June 2, 2010

15 Months of Charlie

I blinked and 3 months went by. I'm definitely starting to understand why people say that it goes by so quickly. It seems that not a day goes by without some kind of reminder that Charlie is not a baby anymore. Over the weekend we realized we no longer need the bottle warmer on the counter. Today daycare sent home all the drool bibs they had tucked away. Little things, but I wish they'd slow down! Maybe take a break for a while!

It's not all weepiness over him growing up, though. Watching his personality develop is so incredible. He's got such strong preferences about things lately and talks constantly. Of course, we have no idea what he's saying - but it's very earnest and sentence-like babbling.

As for the preferences, well, hell hath no fury like Charlie when he doesn't get something he wants. They tell me at daycare that he's very sensitive, but I actually think it's more getting upset when he doesn't get what he want. It's awfully cute though, this little pouty cry.

Mostly, though, it's just fun watching him discover things and understand when we talk to him and play together. He's just so fascinated by everything and talks to himself while inspecting whatever it is he's checking out. He loves to look out the front windows and door - that's why I have so many pictures of him there. When Brad mows the lawn, Charlie is glued to the window watching him. It doesn't hurt that Brad waves each time he passes by!

Charlie can turn any situation into an excuse to break it down and dance. The slightest excerpt of a song from a battery operated toy and Charlie will be bouncing up and down or swinging his arms from side to side. And he'd like you to join him... oh and keep the music going, will you?

Charlie is very into books now - he wants the same collection read over and over again. I can recite them all backwards while half asleep. I actually find this a bit surprising since he wasn't all that interested in hearing a story a few months ago.

Now when I begin a book he has this little smile on his face like hearing the familiar words just makes him feel so content. He'll let out a little giggle at the end of a story and that's how I know it's one of his favorites. Then I usually get the book flung back at me with a shriek that means 'read it again!'

Charlie has a fascination with technical gadgets, probably because of his parents. He'll pick up a remote control (even his toy one) and point it at the TV to try and make something happen. He loves cell phones and laptops. He has toy versions but the real kind are so much more appealing, don't you think? Glad he's not old enough yet to be asking for a real one of anything yet.

Charlie's relationship with the poodles continues to improve.... in Charlie's mind at least. Now that he's faster moving around, he can crawl over and startle one of the poodles from a nap. They love that. Such an awesome way to wake up from a dream where they almost have the squirrel. They do love Charlie for all the food he drops. Today he shared a bunch of chips with Zoe. One in his mouth, one handed over to her.

I know they say (you know, 'they') kids don't play with each other or really interact until they are older then this but I'm not sure I agree. Charlie definitely has some friends at daycare he gets very excited to see. His best friend is Freddie - they are partners in crime. One can just look at the other and they burst out laughing.

Of course, Charlie the screamer isn't always so fun to be friends with. Whenever you take something away from Charlie that he wants, he gives a piercing scream. Freddie found this out the hard way and when Charlie screamed, Freddie burst into tears! Charlie was so confused by Freddie crying that HE burst into tears! They went from playing together to crying together in about 10 seconds. I don't think the teachers knew what to do with them that day!

The biggest development since 12 months.... the walking.... :)
Please excuse the blurry shots. My camera can't seem to handle movement, which is a tad frustrating with a kid who moves constantly. Our good picture % has dropped substantially! In fact, I have so few decent ones for this post because he moves around so much - I can't even get a few shots of his face! The out takes are all the back of his head or him moving away! No sense in posting those. And forget the chair pics - he's off the chair in no time. Still trying, though.

Charlie gets up and walks occasionally but he doesn't seem to go after it like he did crawling. He knows he can still get around pretty well so is taking his time getting the walking up and running. Or maybe I'm picking him up too much.

Or maybe he knows once he walks he has to leave the infant room at daycare, where he loves his teachers. Actually that may be more me then him. I'm going to have some separation anxiety when that happens. They've been so supportive. Yet another sign he's not a baby - no more infant room.

I never did figure out if we're supposed to go in for a 15 month doctor appointment. I guess I better call today and find out! I would love to know what his height/weight are up to. I can say for weight - heavy!

Shopping has gotten a tad difficult because Charlie is on the borderline between 12-18 and 18 to 24 month clothes. He's long enough where he needs the bigger size, but they swim on him width-wise. I don't let that stop me though. I love shopping for Charlie! Little boy clothes and shoes are so cute - I have the best time finding him things.

The constant activity takes a lot of food - and Charlie loves to eat. He has gotten a bit pickier and won't eat veggies like he used to. His favorite foods are yogurt, applesauce, kiwi, grilled cheese, pizza, pasta, cheese, pretzels and muffins. Occasionally we let him have chicken nuggets - since they're fried I try not to do that too often. But he loves them. Anything fried really. Calamari and french fries too!

As for sleeping, he's still not a great napper but pretty good at night. He'll usually take a 1.5-2 hour nap at daycare. At home he's transitioning from 1 nap to 2, which can get frustrating. Some days he'll take 2 short naps. Other days he'll take one long one in the morning and then nothing the rest of the day. By bed time he is so grouchy.

At night he'll sleep 11 to 12 hours. Sometimes he'll wake up in the night and talk to himself for a while. I leave a book and stuffed animal in the crib to keep him company. Typically, I'll wake up and hear him and eventually he'll just fall back asleep. I think he likes sleeping at night - just not during the day! He just snuggles down in those blankets and falls asleep on his tummy - sometimes still gripping his toothbrush. He loves to brush his teeth!

He hasn't been sick much at all the past 3 months. Just recently he's had some asthma related to allergies, but nothing serious. I'm so happy cold and flu season is over. And that his immune system is finally built up enough that we aren't at the doctor's office very week. It's wonderful to see him so healthy and feeling good lately.

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure tomorrow I'll remember a bunch I missed that I need to get written down for posterity's sake. Next update - 18 months! Wow. That sounds sooooo grown up!

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