Thursday, June 10, 2010

15 Month Update

We had Charlie's 15 month well visit this morning and it went really well. Nothing of concern and developmentally he is right on track.

He was extremely suspicious of being checked out, but tolerated having the stethoscope on his back and chest. Then he screamed his little head off when he had to be held down so she could look in his eyes, ears and throat. Then got cheerful again up until his shots, when he screamed again. He was pooped by the time we left and screamed when Freddie tried to take his toy at daycare. Hopefully the ravioli I packed him for lunch will cheer him up.

Here are the stats:

Height: 31.5 inches (55th percentile)
Weight: 23 lbs, 10z (35th percentile)

He dropped in both percentiles, which the doctor said is normal when the kiddos start to walk. I was a little surprised, though, considering how much Charlie eats. I mean that kid can pack it away. He also drinks a lot of milk. But hey, I guess that's what he needs to keep moving all the time.

I asked about the bottles and she said to try and get him down to 1 in the evening. Arg, I am still trying to get him from 4 to 3. I think I'm going to cut out his bottle when he first gets up and see how that goes over. He seems anxious to eat real food in the morning anyways.

I asked about his walking because he seems to be a little flat footed. She said all babies are flat footed until they are about 3 and not to worry about it.

We also talked about his dry skin and the little bumps he has on his upper arms and legs. I had the same thing as a baby, so I think it's genetic. She recommended a certain type of Eucerin lotion that I'm going to try on him. It's not anything alarming, though.

He got two vaccinations and our next appointment is at 18 months. Then we don't have another checkup until 2 years. Amazing. There were some tiny babies there for their checkups and I was remembering how often we used to go. I was a bit wistful, I'm not going to lie. But I get to hold tiny baby Kash tomorrow, so that will be fun!!

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