Monday, May 3, 2010

TV I Like

I was on the sofa last night happily watching 60 minutes with a glass of Malbec when I turned to Brad and said 'I love 60 minutes.' His response? 'We're old.'

I think it was compounded by the fact I recognized the voice of Michele Norris from All Things Considered on NPR on a drug commercial 10 minutes beforehand. Brad looked a little alarmed when I pointed that out, like we'd aged 10 years over the course of dinner.

I don't watch a lot of TV. I realize a lot of people say that. Maybe a more accurate statement is that I don't watch a lot of TV I like. We're considering ditching cable all together we have hundreds of channels I can't find much I like watching. Except I really love 16 and Pregnant. Go figure. Just keepin' it classy.

A lot of my old favorites have jumped the shark, like Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. The Bachelor is pretty much dead to me. Lifetime has sucked the fun out of Project Runway. Real Housewives has gotten painfully scripted and competitive as they cat fight their way to spinoff shows and tacky jewelry lines.

The Food Network and HGTV have become repackaged versions of the same show - even my old fav the Barefoot Contessa! Drink every time she says 'isn't that fabulous?' and 'just to add more flavor' and the next day you won't remember which anniversary she was celebrating with Jeffrey.

I'm on a mission to find more things I like. I'm catching up on How I Met Your Mother, which is high-larious! I'm on season 3 and I love it. I'm so glad Doogie Howser and I are tight again. Leaving the medical profession has made him so much funnier.

We started Dexter Season 1 after Charlie went to bed last night. It's an interesting show but so graphic. I can tell Brad's going to be into it a lot more then I am. He can easily fall asleep at night while I sit there remembering when Dexter took the chainsaw and... well. Never mind.

I'm going to go ahead and admit this - I am the only person on the planet who has not been watching Lost. Season 1 is in my queue. I hope I love it. Because then I can be interesting to talk to at work again.

Don't you love when you love a good show? It's the same as a good book. True Blood - love it! The whole Maryann thing had me scared we were water skiing in shark infested waters, though.

Loved the Tudors, too, but don't have Showtime so have missed season 3. This is the last season as King Henry will run out of wives to behead eventually. I really hope that wasn't a spoiler for you - seeing as it actually happened and all. Mad Men will eventually return - that's a good show.

Until then I am sadly going to be stuck with America's Test Kitchen and professional tennis. Oh my gosh. I AM OLD.

So... any recommendations? Even old stuff. I have Netflix now!


Tracy said...

Some of my current favorite comedies: Modern Family, Community, Cougartown, How I Met Your Mother (I caught up on TBS). I still love Project Runway and Top Chef and I admit I'm on the Gossip Girl bandwagon. Happy watching!

Lindsay said...

My faves are (in order):

1. HIMYM. Awesome.
2. House. But watch the old stuff first. Endless repeats on USA.
3. Lost. Season 1 is greatness. The first Locke episode is still my favorite of all time. I wish I had watched all of the seasons back-to-back leading up to the end.
4. Survivor/TAR: These tend to trade off good seasons. This one is Survivor.

I also TiVo ANTM, but I ff to the photo shoots and judging. Ditto Project Runway. I've added Parenthood, but I'm trying not to get too attached until I find out if it gets picked up. I'm on the fence about the new season of SYTYCD.

We don't have HBO, or I'm sure I would be watching True Blood.

Meredith said...

Agree with Lost, GREAT to watch from the first season. And for the love, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. You will lose your mind over this show, it is so good from the very first episode.

Kristen said...

Dexter is awesome! We've watched seasons 1 and 2 through Netflix and are waiting to get season 3 in the mail soon.

I have season 3 of the Tudors, but it jumped the shark a little when Anne Boleyn died. Dave won't watch it anymore. But Cromwell kept things interesting.

If you like How I Met Your Mother, you might like Big Bang Theory. It comes on at 930 on Mondays, but you might have to sit through 2 1/2 men between HIMYM and this. Wouldn't recommend that.

Can't wait for Mad Men to come back in July!

There are good shows out there - but they all happen to come on at the same time, so the rest of the week sucks.

Have you tried Glee? Being a fellow former band nerd, you might like it :)

Wow, I'm really a TV dork, aren't I?

You will love LOST! And Meredith's right about Friday Night Lights!